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I'm getting ready to apply and just took my TEAS V. Didn't do as well as I would have liked. I'm a litle bummed and was wondering was some of the nursing students TEAS V and overall points were for this upcoming Fall 2013 year... Read More

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    I'm totally interested in getting together to find anyway to cut costs. We should exchange info. Is there a FB page yet??

    Quote from frozencow02
    Hi guys! So i didn't get an email yesterday. I called today. They were really helpful. The reason I didn't get an email was due to my email box being overfilled. I had to clear space for my email. Then I got the email after a few email exchanges to the Health Science Apps @ delta email. I got in. It was an email that has this big fat packet as an attachment. So, for those who have the problem - clear your email, delete emails that are huge and then give nursing office a call and tell them to resend the notification to you guys.

    Congrats to those who made it! *yippee*

    I was looking at uniforms and my thought is it'd be cheaper if we all bought as a group so we can save on shipping as well as the 20% discount (You get 20% discount on the 2nd and more items, just not the first.) So it would be to our advantage if there was one transaction. I am more than happy to make the transaction if you guys are interested in paying me back via cash or paypal.

    And I would hope someone start a facebook page.

    I got 86.7 on TEAS. I got A in Physio, B in Anatomy, A in Micro (2nd time I repeated it after 10 years ago of C for Micro (lecture) and B+ for lab). I don't know how they calculate my GPA due to my repeat of micro class (i don't know if they include both grades or just scrap my bad grades 10 years ago). I got 3.4 GPA for NUT & ENG (A in Nut and B in Eng). Got a bachelors. Speak a language. And had another set of points of special life circumstance category. Sorry, don't know if that helps you guys or not.
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    Hey everyone so I made a facebook page for us to use to communicate and exchange info and such.

    Search for SJDC ADN spring 2013
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    Quote from full_of_faith
    I had the same problem with not getting the email, and it was also due to lack of space in my email... go figure!!! my score was 61.5 and I was accepted into the program thank God!!!! Hope that helps for those reading that are hoping for next semester, as I used this site in previous years just to get an idea of what I could expect and if I had a shot. My points breakdown are towards the beginning of the thread if interested. hope that helps and gooood luck to all applying in the future!!!
    omg thank you full_of_faith. you don't know how much encouragement and hope that gives me! i don't have to kill myself trying to get an A in physio anymore!!! jk i still am going to. but seriously, it makes it seem possible. if i finish with an A in physio ill have 70.5 if i finish with a B ill have 63.5. Now i jut have to pray prop 30 passes and there will be no more cuts to the program for next semester.
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    I had 62.5 points. I had an A in everything but Physio, I got a B.
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    From prior threads, some of you had questions for me.... I'm leaving this thread as it no longer applies to me, but feel free to private message me. BTW.... my points were 70
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    @ ashley jensen ....

    Yea good luck. I did the same thing... I followed this blog site for the last three semesters just to see what was going on and get an idea for whether or not my score would stand a chance. You should be fine with a score like that, because last semester the counselor said that 60 was the initial low, and that was with only 40 students. This semester I can attest the same because my score was 61.5 , and i got in Of course the scores will change every semester, but you should be fine who is your physio teacher?
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    Can you name the good areas please!
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    Quote from dlr13
    There are several safer areas that might appeal as well as many areas to avoid. Also, lots of nice areas with pockets of not so nice areas. Depends on if you are looking for a house or an apartment. There are also options around UOP renting a room with other students who go to the University.
    Can you name the good areas please!
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    my teacher is dr telleen. i took him for anatomy as well. i got a b in anatomy and a b in micro. more than likely ill get a b in physio also, so 3.0 for sciences...which to me is the best i could do while working 40 hours and 2 small kids-i know thats not good but luckily i did well on my teas (87) and have a few other things that boost my points. thanks everyone for your input
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    Some of the "better" areas would be the Miracle Mile area, but stay north of Harding way and around and south of UOP (I would only go east of Pacific a block or two, and you could probably safely go west of Pacific all the way to pershing). If you are looking for apartments, there is a resonably priced gated complex on Davis that run about 695 for a one bedroom). Brookside area you can find some reasonable townhouses, and ben holt "Lincoln Village West" is good too. My husband is a firefighter over in those areas so I can have him get a few apartment complex names if you would like. I also think that just south of the college there is a nice apartment complex thats reasonable. Good Luck.

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