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I'm getting ready to apply and just took my TEAS V. Didn't do as well as I would have liked. I'm a litle bummed and was wondering was some of the nursing students TEAS V and overall points were for... Read More

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    hmccoy18 and missxgaby, how many points did you guys have overall?
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    I'm not entirely sure what my exact score was. I just logged on and applied because i knew i didnt qualify for any of the extra points, except working full time through the pre-reqs. I think I was somewhere around 59ish. This would make sense because someone else said it was around the cutoff for past years and I'm an alternate. I really didn't expect to be this close! Wish me luck! Still waiting
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    good luck hmccoy18! i hope you get in
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    Hey missxgabby and Hmccoy18. I'm an alternate as well; I'm alternate number 3b.
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    Missgabby and Hmccoy18, would you mind posting if you guys get called. It's a nice way of keeping track where we stand on the waitlist. I talked to someone from the nursing department, and so far, only 3 people declined their space.
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    missgabby, where on the alternate list are you?
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    Hmccoy18, would you mind adding me on facebook? It would be a nice way of keeping in touch while we are waiting. Tnx! My name on there is Lana Nikolayeva
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    I live in Lincoln Village West its reasonably priced and nice and quite I feel totally safe.
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    Hello Lana.nikolayeva! Nice to meet another alternate. I read last years posts about there being a and b alternates due to applications getting denied when they should have been accepted. Is that what happened to you?Also when did you call the nursing dept? When I called on Wed they told me only 1 student had dropped.
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    I called Tuesday the 27th and spoke with ------------. I have no idea why we are getting conflicting information. Yes, i was declined at first. I'm so hopeful that we will get in... By the way, my name on fb is Lana Nikolaeva, no y.
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    I don't know if anyone still keeps up with this thread anymore but I have an extra pair of men's medium sized pants. Anyone want to purchase them from me at a discounted price? PM me
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    Does anyone with all C's in sciences have any chance of getting in the program? I received all c's because I didnt understand the importance of grades when I started. Im so scared I wont get into anything!
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    Quote from GivingLove
    Does anyone with all C's in sciences have any chance of getting in the program? I received all c's because I didnt understand the importance of grades when I started. Im so scared I wont get into anything!
    Most schools have a minimum 2.5 GPA requirement for the sciences... You would have to re-take at least one of the science courses to meet that requirement. Unfortunately, Delta only accepts the first grade received. One way to "get around" this might be if you took anatomy separately from physiology, you could re-take those classes in the A&P series (A&P I&II). I say this "might" work because they are very closed about how they calculate grades, so it might not work (and they're not exactly responsive to questions from applicants).

    Sacramento City College, Modesto Junior College, and American River College will accept second attempt grades, but repeats will count against you. However, SCC and ARC do a lottery, so as long as you meet the minimum threshold for application points, the repeats won't matter too much.

    I hope this helps!