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I'm getting ready to apply and just took my TEAS V. Didn't do as well as I would have liked. I'm a litle bummed and was wondering was some of the nursing students TEAS V and overall points were for this upcoming Fall 2013 year... Read More

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    Hi everyone,

    I have been watching your post like a stalker waiting to see, if any if anyone got word from the nursing office. I'm finishing 4th semester with them and I am crossing my fingers for my sister who applied for spring too. I will tell you, when we got accepted two years ago we didn't hear until Dec 6th and it was around 6pm. So maybe still tonight or tomorrow. Good luck!
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    I can't even log onto my e-mail account to check!
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    Check your emails Ladies/Gents! My Sister got In!!!
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    I'm in...yaaaaaay!
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    I'm an alternate. Does anybody know how many alternates were accepted last year?
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    I'm in!!! Congrats everyone
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    I applied to the program and didn't get an email yet. Not sure if it's because I didn't get in since there's only 40 spots. Is anyone else in the same boat where they didn't get an email yet? I got that email on Oct 31 and that's the last email I got stating to wait until today due to unforeseen circumstances.
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    yea i didn't receive a letter either. :/
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    Hey guys ive been reading this thread for so long! I also applied and I got in! I wan a accept the position but everytime i log in to the web address it says cant use it coz someone else is using the record. Im not sure what it means. Does anybody get that too??
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    Me too...will you be in the ED tomorrow? I have not seen you for a while....

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