Samuel Merritt ELMSN/FNP Fall 2013 Oakland

  1. Thanks for posting! I am going the thread instead of just reading. I am a little confused it seems like the moderator said that for those of us who got the CM email we are not competitive for the FNP track?

    But in the email we all received it said "The ELMSN fnp program is very competitive. This is not to say you will not be considered, but at this point we are still accepting applications to the ELMSN CM track. " However in the above transcript it says:

    "ELMSN Moderator: The faculty has their own system. 2 or 3 faculty review applications. They are making decisions even through the month of Feb. If a student turns out to not be competitive for the FNP track, I will email the students to see if they want to be considered for the CM track"

    Am I reading that right? If we got the email about the CM does that mean we are out of the running for FNP?
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  3. by   feminista_siempre
    I just stumbled onto your post by chance. I wouldn't worry too much. I got the letter too and I am def what one might consider "competitive". I've interviewed at UPenn and Yale (still waiting to hear back) and just got into Columbia. So don't stress. I bet either a) they sent the email to everyone to try to get a few more takers for the CM track, or b) you will get in somewhere else. Good luck!!