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I'm not usually the type to forage through online forums, but what can I say - grad school apps are stressing me out! This should get the ball rolling...... Read More

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    Hi dpk1004! We'll have to figure out a way to meet up right before. I'm probably going with a nice dress that I would wear to the office. I want to look nice, but also be comfortable.

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    Hey guys got a call today around 2pm inviting me for an interview. They said that it was their final opening on Feb 19 at 9am. I told them I couldn't make it and then she remembered that there was an emergency one for another girl on Feb 23 at 11am so that is the one that I will be at. Hopefully others get a call soon!!!
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    congrats to everyone who received an email / phone call for an interview. best of luck to you all !

    Unfortunately, I'm still waiting for a call or an email. Hopefully it'll come soon. Getting a bit nervous though.
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    I'm in the same boat as you dooodaadew I'm wondering when is it the last day possible for them to contact us to schedule us for an interview? Any thoughts?
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    Quote from ALXiong
    Yes, you are right that both RN and NP focus on patient care, but NP is a very different role from RN because NP will have an additional role of treating disease for the patient on top of caring for patients. It is not about writing prescriptions, but how to treat and teach patient of disease prevention and health promotion. It is really your personal choice which route you want to pursue. You may want to shadow a RN and a NP to figure out because talking and describing the roles of RN and NP can not bring the whole picture of they do. Some people think that NP is really out of the RN role because NP really focus more on treating patients rather than caring for patients.
    Thanks for the info!!! I will definitely try to shadow someone. I think I'm getting a better understanding of the difference as I do more research.
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    I will see you tomorrow!
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    What time is your interview sophiaw?
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    Bah, I was so awkward at my interview!! I don't know anymore...
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    Dpk if you were sitting between ------------- and the career change lady (can't remember her name) I think you did fine.
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    marisapm, it was a shame that we couldn't sit next to each other! I should have known it was you

    I thought everyone was so inspiring and amazing!!! I was so stuttery..never did that before lol but thank you so much for saying that. Did you have fun?

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