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Was looking around and couldn't find a thread for this. Has anyone else applied to this program & which campus did you pick for first choice? Would love to hear back from fellow applicants :)... Read More

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    @Cateisgreat- Thanks for the CPR news and for the info about the program. Cate IS great! I relooked at my card, and I did (yeahhh!) take it through the American Heart Association. If anyone wants information on this particular course/instructor/location, let me know (I took it here in Sacramento in January). I look forward to seeing you in November cateisgreat, and best wishes in your last remaining weeks! I agree with Paul... any thoughts you have on the program would be appreciated!

    @jly0162- Good luck in getting into San Mateo.

    @Paul- It is very nice to meet you Paul! I hope you get into the Sacramento campus.

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    Hi Everyone,
    I applied for the Sacramento campus as well. My BS degree is in Health Administration (I also have a masters) and live in the Sacramento area. I wish everyone the best of luck in getting in.
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    Hello All,

    First and foremost best of luck to everyone and I hope we all get in!!! I applied to San Mateo Campus for 2013....all my pre reqs are complete and TEAS as well. I am just nervous and anxious to see when we will find out whether we got in or not, the wait and anticipation are killing me. The only email I received thus far is that my application had been accepted and that all my transcripts and TEAS score were sent in.

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    Hi DrDirty510,When did you hear from them? Did they provide a timeline for notifications? Can you pass on the contact person & his/her info if possible? Sorry for all the questions but I still haven't heard from them and I'm getting worried.
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    I got the email last week. All it is, is a email saying that all my transcripts have been received and so had my TEAS score. It didnt say anything else about deadlines or when they are going to tell who got in or not.

    Once again Good Luck to All and I hope all of us get accepted!!!!

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    Hey everyone, I noticed on their website it says they're still accepting applications for Fall 2012. Does anyone know if that means they are still accepting apps for Spring 2013 as well?
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    Hey there,

    My name is Eric and I applied to the Sacramento campus for 2013. I still have to finish anatomy, physiology lab and pathophysiology. I'm planning on taking the Excelsior's credit-by-examination test for the anatomy and phsyiology stuff and the patho through some online distance class. Has anyone taken the Excelsior A&P examination or know anyone that has?

    I have received an email saying my application has been forwarded to the faculty for review. I'm sure as long as your application is complete you should get that email...

    Also, does anyone know about the number of applicants for the Sacramento cohort?

    Thanks everyone
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    Just received my email today that my application is being forwarded for faculty review. Good luck to everyone with their prerequisites !
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    Hi gambiansteph,

    I would definitely call the campus of the cohort you are interested in attending (which I am assuming you were going to do). That way, you are sure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information. I am not sure how they could be accepting applications at the same time they are reviewing them for the Spring 2013 program (and I am really not sure how they could still be accepting for Fall 2012), especially since the letter I received today says we must submit our Letter of Intent by September 4th (12 days from now). It could be that our Letter of Intent due dates vary, though. In any case, calling will get you a for-sure answer.

    Hope you get a favorable answer!
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    hi thanks for your input. i did contact one of the admissions reps and she said they are still accepting for spring 2013 but she also said she doesn't know for how long.
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