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Was looking around and couldn't find a thread for this. Has anyone else applied to this program & which campus did you pick for first choice? Would love to hear back from fellow applicants :)... Read More

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    StacyMarie982, gambiansteph and terripayne,

    congrats !! i'm still debating if i want to hold out for one of the generic entry master's programs but i'm so excited we all finally found out! and hopefully I will get to meet all of you in January
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    Is anyone in the Sacramento program in need of housing? Orientation is just around the corner!!
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    yay! im in too! congrats everyone
    looking forward to meeting you all soon!!
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    Hi Everyone--I have been reading closely. Those who just found out --CONGRATS. What campus was it for?
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    Quote from sjohnson3
    Hi Everyone--I have been reading closely. Those who just found out --CONGRATS. What campus was it for?
    San Mateo acceptance was yesterday via email Sacramento was quite some time ago.

    And now on to the wait for orientation...... So many things to wait for!!!!
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    Great--thanks for the info! I applied for Summer 2013--but admissions said they still had spots available for Spring 2013 a few weeks ago so they processed my app for both. Hopefully I will get in for Spring so I don't have to wait. I am hoping since you just found out that I will this week too!
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    Finally! Congrats to all those accepted how exciting.
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    Hey everyone! My name is Kelly, I am trying to get a hold of any Samuel Merritt students who just got accepted for the January 2013 semester at the Sacramento location. I am looking to meet members of my cohort. It would be nice just to meet up before classes start if anyone is down with that. Looking for study partners and friends, so PLEASE get back to me!!


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    Anyone get accepted into San Mateo and Sacramento and will be dropping from the Sacramento campus?

    This is a selfish question...just wondering if I may be moving up on the list. This wait list is killer..espcially since I am so close...

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