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Was looking around and couldn't find a thread for this. Has anyone else applied to this program & which campus did you pick for first choice? Would love to hear back from fellow applicants :)... Read More

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    Really wish this would hurry up. Might be losing my place in SF and I currently live 3.5-4 hours away and having 6 weeks isn't going to be enough time to find a place there! Ahhhhhhh has anyone heard anything?
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    Hi JeninCA, I've been trying to find the facebook page for Sac, but it's not coming up when I put in your search. Is there anything else I could search? I haven't participated enough for PMs.
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    I emailed admissions today...... "we should know any minute now" that was this morning and still nothing!!!! I really really really hope it is not last minute for me again because declining for fall was probably the HARDEST decision I have ever made... naturally I am kicking myself now, but there was just NO possible way to get all my ducks in a row to start next week.....
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    I know what you mean!! I just don't understand how Sacramento found out over a month ago and we are STILL waiting. I am going to be out of the country for the first two weeks of November and pretty much find out today if I lost my place to live there for the year today if I don't hear anything back from the school.
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    @terripayne..... call them... rattle their chains!!!!! I'm checking my email about every 30 seconds to see if there is any new news.....
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    I just realized something that you said, Sacramento found out already for Spring?? That was my #2 choice, so I guess I didn't get in there! Now I really need San Mateo to come through!!!! I emailed admissions......
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    I guess they really mean the END of October :/
    StacyMarie982, no response to your e-mail?
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    I sent you a PM but then realized you said you have not participated enough for PMs. I searched, in Facebook, for Samuel Merritt University - ABSN - Sacramento - Spring 2013 and it came up for me. My email address is if you want to send me an email. I will send you a link.
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    Late Saturday night I received an email from admissions, "still no word, sorry" Ugghhhhhh.......
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    Wow, harsh wait for the San Mateo people. Sorry. Hopefully you will hear REALLY soon.