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Was looking around and couldn't find a thread for this. Has anyone else applied to this program & which campus did you pick for first choice? Would love to hear back from fellow applicants :)... Read More

  1. by   jebo1982
    It seems like a lot to do before the november start date (financial aid, loans, immunizations, etc).
  2. by   Arriana
    Yes, it sure does, especially since we are getting further into October. jebo1982, have you heard of an update for when students (being considered now) will be notified for the Fall term?
  3. by   jebo1982
    Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything. Last week I emailed asking if my application would be considered for both cohorts and when I could expect to hear if i got in or not for each one. I received email yesterday saying that yes, my application would be considered for both. But she did not answer the second question.

    I also posted on the forum topic for san mateo fall 2012 ABSN. Someone messaged me from that topic but because I haven't posted enough I can't access the message. I posted on that message board that I couldn't access the message. So hopefully, whoever it was, will see that I couldn't access the message and will respond on the topic.

    I wonder how long Samuel Merritt is going to keep accepting applications for Fall 2012?
  4. by   Arriana
    Haha, that was me. I just asked you the same thing I did now. I messaged you so you would be notified just in case you stopped checking the posts.

    I would assume it has to be soon. Maybe tomorrow, since it seems the emails are sent out on Fridays.
  5. by   jebo1982
    Haha. Checking this website, Samuel Merritt website, and my email are my new obsessions. I can't wait to find out.
  6. by   bunnybreath
    arrrgh. another weekend to sit through. when i talked to the advisor, she told me it was taking longer because of big "rearrangements" taking place at san mateo within the department.
  7. by   jebo1982
    You would think they would let whoever was in Fall know asap. I'm torn between worrying about not getting in and worrying about getting in but not being able to get everything done in time!And it still annoys me that they are still accepting applications for Fall.
  8. by   Arriana
    No email this week. But I still have faith that it will happen. I am ready to start, let it be fall or spring. ;-)
  9. by   StacyMarie982
    Hello all

    I too am in the vicious waiting game for the November and January ABSN cohorts!!! It is making me crazy just waiting!!! I am taking their online patho and pharm now in hopes that it nudged my app into the hopeful acceptance pile I've received the same email as some of you that my apps have been forwarded to faculty for review, but that was months ago!! I also applied to the BSN for spring 2013 as a just in case, at this point, I'm ready to begin!!!!

    In a prior post, someone asked about a TEAS score.... my highest attempt was a 76 but my GPA is 3.8, hoping that balances out

    Best of luck to all of you!
  10. by   JeninCA
    I created a Facebook page for the ABSN program for Sacramento.

    You can search Samuel Merritt University - ABSN - Sacramento - Spring 2013
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  11. by   jebo1982
    JeninCA, did you get in the program? I know you were kind of stressing bout being on the waitlist.
  12. by   JeninCA
    Quote from jebo1982
    JeninCA, did you get in the program? I know you were kind of stressing bout being on the waitlist.
    No official acceptance, yet. Hopefully creating the facebook page will bring me good luck?
  13. by   Arriana
    This is the week, everybody for Fall. We have to find out this week right? Good luck!