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Was looking around and couldn't find a thread for this. Has anyone else applied to this program & which campus did you pick for first choice? Would love to hear back from fellow applicants :)... Read More

  1. by   Arriana
    Quote from Dracaena828
    Hi everyone,
    I posted this on the ELMSN board, but thought I'd add it here too since I applied to both programs and was reading this board for ages too
    Congratulations to those accepted/waitlisted! And good luck for those still waiting to hear. I have been trying to get everything on the checklist done and wanted to pass on some info.
    For anyone who needs to get medical stuff done and doesn't have insurance, I found an inexpensive place here in Sac to get blood titers/physical/tb testing done. I'm sure it's against terms of use to say a name, but if anyone is interested feel free to pm me and I will tell you the name. I was freaking out at the cost of everything when I searched online, but was able to get all the stuff I needed done here for less than $200. I figured there was probably at least one other person on here who would be in the same predicament!
    How do I pm you? I have a question about the company that keeps record of immunizations, background check, and CPR status. I heard there is a company that we submit all of this information to and runs the check for nursing schools. Does Samuel Merritt use American Data Bank? or someone else?

    Thank you

    Sorry if this re-post at the bottom, trying to figure this out.
  2. by   Dracaena828
    Oh sorry, I guess I need to post more before it will let me do private messages. I don't know about the company you mentioned. You can find the prospective student health form on SMU's website under health center. It just says to send this form in with a copy or your immunization records for certain shots or have your doctor fill it out. They didn't mention another company.I had to get titers for varicella, tb test, and the physical done and went to a place called Wellnessmart (I apologize if this is breaking rules mods- please remove if it is!) and got it done cheaper than anything else I found online.
  3. by   Dracaena828
    Oh, they do have a company that does the background check and arranges the drug screening, it's called Certified Profile. It listed some sort of vaccine check, but i think it's just a helpful scheduler if you need to get a bunch of vaccinations. I didn't use it.
  4. by   bunnybreath
    Quote from Arriana
    I am still waiting for an email or call back about the Fall 2012 consideration. I asked for a call back to make sure I don't get pulled from the Spring applicant pool if I am considered, since I applied for the San Mateo program and they haven't released statuses yet, but I haven't heard any word back.
    Hi Arriana,
    Any word yet on whether your app will remain in the pool for Spring while still be considered for Fall? I am curious about this too.
  5. by   Arriana
    Great information, thank you Dracaena828.

    I did get word back yesterday. They will consider me in both, and it is not suppose to change my application for the January term. It makes me nervous though, that if they forward my app to the Fall term, then it might get misplaced or pulled out of some order they might have. I don't know, I am probably over thinking it and stressing for nothing, but it still makes me a little nervous; yet, I have to take the chance, I wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't and always wondered. No mention on when I would find out about the decision for the Fall term though. Hopefully soon.
  6. by   AmesRT6510
    Has everyone heard already who applied for the spring?
  7. by   JeninCA
    Quote from AmesRT6510
    Has everyone heard already who applied for the spring?
    For Sacramento, yes.
  8. by   Arriana
    Not for Spring 2013 or Fall 2012 yet. I am starting to get anxious again, checking my email every time I see a notification.

    If any of the students now also being considered for the Fall 2012 ABSN program receive notification, could you please post an update.

    Thank you!
  9. by   terripayne
    I got an email yesterday saying we won't hear anything until the end of October. Hope this helps everyone...
  10. by   Arriana
    The end of October, what happened to the middle. lol! You are referring to Spring 2013 ABSN San Mateo correct?
  11. by   terripayne
    Yes I am referring to Spring 2013 ABSN San Mateo. I emailed her on Monday and got that message yesterday evening.
  12. by   Arriana
    Last year San Mateo found out by 9/15. Then I received an email at the end of September stating that we would find out in mid-October, now possibly late October. I wonder why it is taking longer.
  13. by   terripayne
    She originally told me mid Oct too. I'm not sure what is taking longer. I just want to see a congratulations email