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Was looking around and couldn't find a thread for this. Has anyone else applied to this program & which campus did you pick for first choice? Would love to hear back from fellow applicants :)... Read More

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    The middle of October for Spring 2013 ABSN San Mateo program, but also for the Fall 2012 term that we are now being considered for also? That's really extreme if they wait until then, because that is a lot to be done in two weeks.

    I am still waiting for an email or call back about the Fall 2012 consideration. I asked for a call back to make sure I don't get pulled from the Spring applicant pool if I am considered, since I applied for the San Mateo program and they haven't released statuses yet, but I haven't heard any word back. Maybe someone else will have some luck.

    I am applying for the Medcap from Wells Fargo for medical professionals also. This looks to be the best one.
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    Dang it. I hope i find out soon. Wells fargo medcap definitely seems to be the best deal. How long does it take to get loans? This will be my first loan.I also asked in the email if i didnt get in, would my application still be considered for spring semester. I really dont wan to have to pay for all the transcripts again.
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    I would think if they were asking if you wanted to start in the fall then you would already be in for fall. Because why would they take you out for spring if you weren't getting into the fall term?
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    It is my understanding that they are asking to then choose out of those applicants interested. I hope you are correct, but it didn't seem like a definite decision on their part at the moment to me.

    For the loans, I spoke with a consultant and he stated it could take a week to longer depending how long it takes for the school to approve the cost. And, if you are needing a co-signer, who knows how long that could take.
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    Hi everyone,
    I posted this on the ELMSN board, but thought I'd add it here too since I applied to both programs and was reading this board for ages too
    Congratulations to those accepted/waitlisted! And good luck for those still waiting to hear. I have been trying to get everything on the checklist done and wanted to pass on some info.
    For anyone who needs to get medical stuff done and doesn't have insurance, I found an inexpensive place here in Sac to get blood titers/physical/tb testing done. I'm sure it's against terms of use to say a name, but if anyone is interested feel free to pm me and I will tell you the name. I was freaking out at the cost of everything when I searched online, but was able to get all the stuff I needed done here for less than $200. I figured there was probably at least one other person on here who would be in the same predicament!
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    I saw some discussion about a facebook page but did not see that one was created. Is there a facebook page for the ABSN Sacramento 2013 class? I am now #7 on the wait list, so I thought it might bring me luck to join the facebook page
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    Also, for those accepted, was there a timeframe that you had to respond to their acceptance offer and notify them of your decision? Just wondering for those on the waitlist when we would hear if we were accepted.
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    Quote from JeninCA
    I saw some discussion about a facebook page but did not see that one was created. Is there a facebook page for the ABSN Sacramento 2013 class? I am now #7 on the wait list, so I thought it might bring me luck to join the facebook page
    I think you have a really good shot of getting in. Plus it doesnt start for another 3 months, right?I also dont think its a definite in. If it was a definite in, they would've told us by now.Have they started contacting people who got in San Mateo spring 2013 yet?Has anyone heard anything yet?
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    @JeninCA- The letter of intent had to be sent in by September 28 (today). Good luck to you!!
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    @BeezieGoGiants - Thank you!
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    Any other waitlisters out there? If so, what number were you and have you moved up? This waiting thing sucks.
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    JeninCA-- Best of luck to you! It is definitely possible to move up on the wait list. I tried creating a FB group, but in order to create it, you need to assign members (beside yourself).
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    How do I pm you? I have a question about the company that keeps record of immunizations, background check, and CPR status. I heard there is a company that we submit all of this information to and runs the check for nursing schools. Does Samuel Merritt use American Data Bank? or someone else?

    Thank you