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Hi everyone, I haven't seen any postings for this cohort, and am just wondering if anybody has heard anything, etc. I applied for the San Francisco campus, which is now combined with San Mateo... Read More

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    Hey, has anyone gotten an official welcome/acceptance email or letter yet? I'm waiting for it so I can....a) frame it and b) be sure that I have not hallucinated the whole phone call
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    Jason I can't find the FB page either. I have tried all sorts of permutations too
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    Quote from monicarelic
    Jason I can't find the FB page either. I have tried all sorts of permutations too
    When you have a second, check your allnurses inbox.Sorry that the group page is not showing up. To be honest, I have no idea why it's NOT popping up. It's really weird.

    Worst case scenario, find me on Facebook by typing in jason bensan into the search (there's only 1 jason bensA​n). Hopefully after you find me, I should be able to add you to the group.
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    Hi Jason,

    Do you mind sending me the facebook link as well?
    Thank you!
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    Can you send it to me too?
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    Hello all I applied to the Spring 2013 ABSN, but noticed that apps are still being taken for Fall 2012, so I applied! Currently taking pharm and patho via SMU online. Hopefully I will be joining all of you!
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    Please try below to join the Facebook group and update me if it works or not.

    Samuel Merritt University - ABSN San Francisco - Fall 2012

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    I will be completing Micro this semester, which will be the last class I need before I can apply to Sam merritt ABSN program(I already have a degree in another field). I am concerned about how competitive it is, and was also thinking of applying for the BSN program. Does anyone know the difference in tuition? Also, I live in the SF Bay area and am interested in other BSN programs accelerated or not as well as Masters Programs. It seems like the biggest difference between Sam merritt and cheaper state schools is the O Chem requirement? I guess I'm just a little overwhelmed by all of the options. Schools thats "once had a program" and now do not.

    In addition to all GE classes I have taken nutrition, A & P Part A & B, Chemistry(Inorganic) Interpersonal Communications.
    This semester I will be taking micro. Thank you for any and all feedback about Bay Area programs!
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    Hi everyone, I applied for the san mateo spring 2013 semester. Last friday, i received an email saying there was still room in the fall semester start and if i wanted to have my application considered for fall semester. Anybody else get that email too? I havent heard anything since. I've been super anxious since i got that email (i know, i know, its been less than a week). I really want to get into nursing school (the sooner the better!)
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    Somebody sent me a message from this topic but I can't access it ( i guess i haven't posted enough). Whoever it was, would you mind writing it on here?
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    @jebo1982 - YES I'm in the same boat as you I did apply for fall based on that email and now I'm just playing the waiting game for either semester! I even applied to the BSN for spring 2013 as another shot.
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    @kp32.... I applied to SMU's ABSN and BSN and am currently getting my ELMSN app together. I just want to get in!! Yes, the high cost of tuition is a major downfall, but I have several friends who have gone there and rave about it. I've not had success with the local CSU or any of the local JCs where I live so I am ready to just get in there and get it done!!

    I am currently taking SMU's additional requirements of pharmacology and pathophysiology. 2 more weeks to go and these will be behind me! I took them through SMU and am pleased that I did, again, a much higher cost than taking them through a local JC, but it has gotten me in the groove of how thinks work at SMU.