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  1. by   adusf84
    Hi everyone I just joined this website...has anyone gotten any confirmation email or anything about SMU receiving our applications? I haven't heard anything so far and was kind of worried.
  2. by   cerobbin
    Howdy everyone! I also just joined.

    Yesterday (Monday Aug 9th) I recieved an email giving a time line of when we will hear what from SMU. It is as follows:

    Here is a time-line of the admission process for SRLC:

    Jul-Aug: Admission application review

    Aug-Sep: Faculty application review/ELMSN interviews

    Early Oct: Applicants notified regarding admission status. Admitted and waitlisted students are initially contacted by phone and email, so please make sure your contact information is up to date. Denials letters are sent by mail.

    Hope this helps. Good luck to all!

    ~Chelsea :-)
  3. by   UCLover610

    Was that email solicited or not? Meaning did you email them for those answers or was it sent to the whole ABSN Spring 2011 group?

    I applied for Spring and didn't get any update emails.
  4. by   UCLover610
    RickyCA, found this on their website:

    Spring 2010 Number of Applicants 316 Number of Positions Available 89 Average last 60 semester unit GPA 3.44 Average Science GPA 3.62 Average TEAS Total Score 88 Average TEAS Math Score 89 Average TEAS Reading Score 95 Summer 2010 Number of Applicants 352 Number of Positions Available 144 Average Last 60 unit GPA 3.52 Average Science GPA 3.55 Average TEAS Total Score 86 Average Math Score 86 Average Reading Score 94 Fall 2010 Number of Applicants 176 Number of Positions Available 48 Average Last 60 unit GPA3.67 Average Science GPA 3.83 Average TEAS Total Score 88 Average TEAS Math Score 94 Average TEAS Reading Score 89
  5. by   cerobbin
    i did not solicit a response from smu, the email was sent out to me. i would recommend contacting liza osteo or you can go on the smu website and chat live with a counselor today and tomorrow (from 1-3 i think...but not 100% sure) and i'm sure they will put you at ease. i applied to sacramento so if you applied to san mateo, it might be a slightly different timeline and perhaps that is the reason you haven't heard back yet.
    ~chelsea :-)
  6. by   ArK1980
    I also got the same email.
  7. by   UCLover610
    Ok, well I applied to San Mateo and that counselor is out til Aug 17th (I emailed her). Maybe that's what explains it.

    Are you guys also re-applying for Summer 2011 just in case you don't get in for Spring? Application is due Sept 1st.

    I don't even wanna add up how much I've spent for transcripts, testing, app fees, etc. since applying to nursing school. Ugh.
  8. by   cerobbin
    Yea. I applied for SF for summer 2011. I applied for both Spring and Summer at the same time, specifically trying to save on paying the app fees by applying 2 separate times. Gotta love school fees. Sigh! On the bright side, we can write them off on our taxes so don't forget that. :-)

  9. by   Victory925
    I received the same email for the Sacramento class. Those stats are pretty high- *Sigh*, but I've been praying...

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  10. by   ilnurse15
    That's really interesting they way the number of slots available differs from each cohort, also I wonder how many people actually completed the application process correctly this time, maybe we'll all get lucky and we'll be the only ones that get in! A girl can dream...
  11. by   cerobbin
    Lol! I like your optimism! We can only hope!
  12. by   AndyPants44
    I am applying for Spring 2011 at San Mateo- just got the email from Eugenia Berdali- saying there are 48 spots in the class.

    They are anticipating result letters to be mailed November 15. Yikes!!! I thought this NursingCAS was supposed to save them time... they need 3.5 months to decide??? My other app has to be in by September 15 and they make a decision within a month! Shoot- I was hoping I'd get notification around the same time, so I could actually make a decision... now it's just whatever comes first. Lame.
  13. by   adusf84
    Hi AndyPants44, that's weird I didn't even get an e-mail. I emailed ---- and was told not to worry and that they have my application. I was just wondering, did that email say anything about how many applicants applied at San Mateo?

    Also to everyone else...I keep reading that there are hundreds of fresh grads with no jobs...does that scare anyone cuz it certainly is starting to scare me...imagine having a $50 000+ loan and no job!!!!
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