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Sac State (CSUS) Fall 2012 Applicants

  1. 0 Hey guys! Who's applying for Fall 2012?
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    I am! Literally just mailed my application an hour ago. I'm so nervous!
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    how many points did you have? i hope mine's as competitive as yours.
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    If everything works the way I calculated it, I should have 89 points! And you?
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    OMG! I am so jealous. I am on the verge of having a meltdown. I only have 83.
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    83 is really good! The cut off last semester was 60, so anything above 70 and youre probably fine!
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    I will have 84 points if everything is accepted. Is it just me or does anyone else think they are kinda strict on the application? No post its, staples, or paperclips? I have 3 transcripts, 1 health care form with attached documentation of hours, my high school transcript for bilingual proficiency, and the paper with the check for the non refundable application fee. It seems sort of unorganized to just throw it all into the envelope. I know the website said to print additional instructions on a 8 1/2 by 11 paper but I don't see how that is much help when I have so many envelopes and stuff.
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    I know! I felt kinda scared to send everything in loose. Just to be sure I put in a cover letter that itemized every document I included. Which was transcripts from 4 schools, AP scores and an unofficial print out of my TEAS score.

    I'm pretty sure you send the non-refundable fee application to the financial aid office and not the school of nursing!!!!! I would call into sac state nursing school to figure out what to do. Or even resend one to the financial aid office??
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    Oh yeah, I just read to send the non-refundable fee form to the financial aid office. I will probably make a cover letter, thanks for the idea, and also for reminding me to include my TEAS score even though we have to send one through the ATI website as well. Do you live in the Sacramento area? Although we haven't gotten acceptance letters yet I want to know how the area is and what students think about the program so far. I'm a current CSULB student and have been studying my butt off to get into the CSULB program, but CSUS interested me due to their 4 semester program as opposed to 6 semesters at long beach. Any input or advice would be appreciated!
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    They need your AP scores as well!? I sent them to the university, but not the actual nursing program. :O

    Good thing I haven't sent in my application yet! I have to be evaluated for a foreign language as well. The professor in charge of the my language has not responded to ANY of my emails or calls... I've been trying to get a hold of him since the application opened. I called up the foreign language department and they told me to go to his office hour since he's probably "busy." -___- I live near the bay area so I'm going after class on Thursday and I have to miss work as well. Sigh. Does anyone know if we need to turn in any paper work for this process? I know there's that form you turn into the foreign language department, but what about the nursing department?
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    I just sent my AP scores cause I used a score to fulfill a prerequisite
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    I did as well, but for a co-requisite. Did you only send a print out?
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    I sent an official

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