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  1. by   ashley324
    Hi fall 2012 applicants! I applied for fall 2014 and was admitted! Just a quick question ---when did you have to do the drug/alcohol screen test by because I am not sure when I will be in Sacramento until I move there in the beginning of August. Just wanted to arrange a weekend with work to come into town for it.
  2. by   xaireel
    I would contact the school of nursing and ask them if there are places closer to you. I did mine in Sacramento, so I am not sure if they have any other places.
  3. by   ashley324
    Xaireel okay thank you! When did you have to get it done by? I want to start researching for that bc I believe ------------- is out of office the next few days
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  4. by   xaireel
    I couldn't remember as it was 2 years ago. you should have the deadlines on your checklist. You can call the school of nursing office tomorrow instead of emailing as it could provide a quicker answer.