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Hey guys! Who's applying for Fall 2012?... Read More

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    I just sent my AP scores cause I used a score to fulfill a prerequisite

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    I did as well, but for a co-requisite. Did you only send a print out?
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    I sent an official
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    Quote from xaireel
    Hey guys! Who's applying for Fall 2012?
    I AM! I took my TEAS today and I have 68 points total towards the 2012 fall program.... Im Stoked!!
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    Wow just read the other numbers, 84 and up.... But I still feel pretty good considering the cut off has never been above 60 pts
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    Sent in my application yesterday! Don't forget to submit your TEAS score from the ATI website and finish your FASFA by the end of next week!
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    Hiya guys! I'm a first semester Sac State student (I JUST found out about this website now, funny enough, I could've used it for a long time now!). Just wanted to give you guys some advice - I know it seems impossible right now, but don't stress too hard.

    I applied with a 3.7, a 92% on my TEAS, but no supplemental criteria - when I first got my admissions decision, I was waitlisted, though they had admitted someone with the exact same point total as me.

    But lo and behold a couple weeks later, I got another email offering me a spot! It was nearly a month later than everyone else, so I was super rushed. But lesson to be learned is that you shouldn't lose heart. Especially you guys with about 80+ point totals!

    If you feel good about your point total, I suggest you start getting everything else in order, because there is a CRAZY checklist of things to do once you're admitted before you get to start.
    Get together paperwork for insurance, ALL your immunizations (especially varicella vaccine(s) or your titer, that one almost got me), and make sure you're able to access a scanner because all of this will need to be scanned into PDF format and uploaded to a certain website.
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    @vickymarie Welcome to the forum! I was wondering if you were a transfer student, and also if you can tell me how your classes are this first semester. I am really curious how the transition to pre-nursing student to nursing student is, and I'm pretty nervous about the change in work load and how challenging it will be.
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    I'm curious about the workload, too !!

    But I also have another question I can't seem to find an answer to online. How much more expensive is nursing school compared to bachelor degrees at CSUS? I know tuition for regular undergrads is around $7,000 a year. How much is the nursing tuition?
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    Well, I'm a transfer student (I moved transferred from San Francisco State) - and for the first semester, the workload is a little crazy, and it's a little hard to adjust because I also ended up having two coreqs to take because the courses I did take weren't exactly equivalent. The curriculum is almost ALL up on SacCT - there is a lot to read and print out, and you spend most time studying on your own, then learning in class how to apply it, and discussing it. Also, the testing style is different and hard to get used to because cramming down facts will absolutely not help you in the long run. Get used to carrying a planner around, because you're always getting deadlines thrown at you.

    BUT -- don't let it scare you off. You make friends fast, you can take online quizzes in groups, and tests are adjusted to give back points if questions seem unfair or trip people up. They tell you to teach yourself, 'A B is okay, a B is okay!'. Also -- clinical is FUN! Don't get too intimidated by it.

    As far as tuition, you still pay mostly regular tuition - but there are also additional lab fees, and other things you need to pay for such as books, immunizations, certain online courses, a few hundred for your supplies such as scrubs, your stethoscope, etc. So, I think it would be safe to say that you'll be investing easily another $500-$700 per semester, at least.

    Anyway -- this post was a little scattered because I have two back to back midterms on Monday and I'm in study mode, but any way I can help anyone, let me know!
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