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I just like to start a new thread for spring 13 cohort. Currently, I'm invited to take the TEAS test on Friday, Nov 9th (update: just received an email that date has been changed to 16th). For those... Read More

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    I knew it! They mixed up our names Jk, Congratz!
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    Congrats to everyone who made it. I hope to be there with you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get in. See u all on Dec 17
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    Quote from Houdinni
    I pretty sure I have 75 points and I got accepted!
    were you randomly selected?
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    I am an alternate also, does anyone know the chances for alternates getting in??
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    I'm now a stand by!!! Wooo hoo!!!!
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    Hi Maliao9. Did you call the school to be a stand by or did they email you? I got 75 points and did not get accepted. Pretty bummed out. This is my third time applying.
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    Hi Smith, I had a discrepancy in my transcript evaluation. But they reviewed it, and fixed it. I'm not in, just an alternate. Did your denial letter say why you weren't accepted? Mine said it at the bottom. Maybe call and ask how you can improve?
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    I'm in !!!!!! I can't believe it I called and I guess I didn't put foreign language down on my app. They fixed it and now I'm in. Alternates don't lose hope cuz he said several people have declined their spots so he will probably be sending out emails again Fri or Mon
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    I wonder how many alternates there are? Any ideas?
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    Accepted! They miscalculated the total points, see you all on Monday
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    Quote from Caoimhe
    were you randomly selected?
    How do I find out if I was randomly selected? I have all my GE requirements done, but other people here had higher points than me so maybe I was randomly selected. Congrats to all who got in!
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    Congratz to everyone accepted! Don't worry if you are on alternate lists, make sure you call them and ask about your total points, there might be a mis-calculation.
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