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I just like to start a new thread for spring 13 cohort. Currently, I'm invited to take the TEAS test on Friday, Nov 9th (update: just received an email that date has been changed to 16th). For those... Read More

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    I received my uniforms a couple of days ago as well. I ordered them 12/25. Malia09, you don't have to send anything to the nursing health lady(lol) unless she specifically asks you for something or there is an error that needs to be fixed.
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    Did anyone here choose cohort B #42917? I am one out of the 5 so far.
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    42917 in da house! Good to have you on board jen126.
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    Thanks Jen, I didn't want to name- names ha ha ha
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    Thanks ChairmanX, I'm excited Anyone start reading yet? I marked all of the chapters/pages and it is quite a bit. Plan on starting tonight.
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    Does anyone know if we are allowed to wear the white nursing jackets? How long does the background check take? Also has anyone paid for the ATI testing? I asked and she said we could hold off for a week or 2 after school starts. Because all my money is going towards the clearance, books and uniforms I was goign to wait until i received my financial aid.
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    I bought my ATI stuff. It's crazy how much money I've spent so far! I still need shoes, pay for the classes, parking permit, medical bag and a couple books from the bookstore! Eek! It's totally worth it though
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    Kammbamm, we can only wear the short sleeve zip-up designated. We were told that we can purchase the C9 by Champion powercore tees to wear underneath for extra warmth. I'm surprised she said you could wait to purchase the ATI testing. During orientation I remember being told that we are to pick up our box of books and what not from the school a week before class starts. There are assigned readings from it for our first week of school. Well, it's nice that you don't have to spend another big chunk of money so soon

    Malia09, I know! I have easily spent $1000 by now and it is defintiely worth it Has anyone heard anything about which medical bag we are supposed to purchase?
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    Kammbamm- one more thing. I was looking at the paperwork and it also says that when the ATI package isn't order by Jan 28th there will be a late fee of $35 (charged by ATI). Just wanted you to know just in case she didn't tell you.
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    Is there anything assigned that first week besides the reading that we need to complete? I thought I saw somewhere thatwe needed to watch some video?
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    I got a dilemma here -.- Received a call this morning from my local community college (college of the desert) offering me a spot for their RN program....that leaves me a very short window of time to respond. So, I hope people graduated from both schools can share some insights R.C.C vs C.O.D in term of teaching qualities, ease in finding job in local hospitals and etc. Any responses are appreciated.
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    Congrats chairmanx Im sure you will excel wherever u plan to attend. I hope you find all the advice you need in order to make the best decision for you. Good luck
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    Stopped by the bookstore today, the medical bag is not ready yet & they only have Saunders "Nursing Guide to Laboratory and Diagnostic tests" for $46. I bought it for $26 on Amazon.com instead.