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Is anyone out there waiting to hear back from RCC? How many points do you have? It seems like 80 is the cut off......Does anyone know when we will hear from them on whether or not we get in?... Read More

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    I do know RCC will prepare you well as they have high NCLEX pass rates. One thing you may want to consider is what hospitals are you interested in working at when you graduate? Serving clinicals, or getting an externship at a hospital of your preference would help you get your foot in the door upon graduation.
    BTW, if you roll through the old posts, I was the student that was struggling to choose between the opportunity to go to San Diego State VS applying to RCC. Well it's been 2 years and I choose to commute from Rancho Cucamonga to SDSU for 5 semesters and graduated last May. So while the commute to Saddleback can be done, it's no ball of fun. I sacrificed ALOT! And so did my kids. But it was worth all the hard work. My only regrets is that it was harder to network and participate in community activities. Bad enough commuting to San Diego just for school, I just couldn't put in extra time in San Diego to do all that. I diidn't even participate in the student nursing association locally as I was a member is San Diego. Just never had any connections locally here in Rancho.
    Maybe try calling the schools and ask what hospitals they are associated with? Although many hospitals have a preference for BSN, the recruiter at Sharp Grossmont in San Diego said they always hire a few ADN's from the local community college as they have an obligation to give back to their community.
    Good luck to you. You will love nursing school. Some of the best experiences ever.

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