Rady Children's New Grad Nursing Program 2013 - page 10

Has the hospital closed the application for the new grad nurse program for this coming July? I thought the application was supposed to open in March, and now the website says that the application was... Read More

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    Anyone hear anything from any other units??

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    Hi JessicaLin,

    Sorry I didn't reply earlier! I'm new to the forum and do not check the site often. I think/hope the interview went well. They told me I was the first one they were interviewing. Since the Unit Manager is going on vacation, they said I should hear back by early May. All behavioral questions, no clinical ones. I brought my nursing portfolio (2 copies- 1 for each of my interviewers) and they seemed to like it. I've interviewed at a couple of other places before and they never even looked at it but this time she actually read through/skimmed mine and said she was excited to read it later. I think my interview was just under an hour long.

    How'd yours go?

    Just an FYI for any others who might interview later- their parking garage is horrendous and super crowded. Definitely add extra time to accommodate parking time. The information desk will validate your parking when you leave but I think someone has to sign off on it. The unit manager signed mine off when I left.
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    they are calling the people for the NICU this week and scheduling interviews for the next two weeks or so

    did anyone apply or interview for the program who is from out of town/doesn't know many people in san diego! i am hoping for a position and if i get one will need friends! haha
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    Do you know when they started making calls? I've been anxiously waiting for a call from the NICU. I'm really hoping to get the job so I'm really hoping for an interview especially since I did my internship there.
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    Just got the call and have an interview setup!!! Crossing my fingers
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    thats amazing! i got an interview too! did you love having your internship there!?
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    Yes, I loved being at Rady's although I interned at the PICU and unfortunately they don't have a new grad this time around due to budget. I would be happy to work in any unit there but really think the ICU is the best fit for me. Just gotta really rock this interview and hope for a job. When's your interview?
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    may 24! my aunt works for rady and adores it, so i thought i would give it a shot! when is your interview!
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    Mine is May 20th. Apparently NICU is one of the last units to interview. I'm so nervous and excited. I just want this so bad and have been doing everything possible to work there. Radys is a phenomenal place to work. Best of luck to us!
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    yes, good luck to you!!! interviews are coming up fast! it is so exciting!

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