Pre-nursing student: finding a school in SD or SF & other ?'s

  1. After spending the last year working on my transfer prerequisites at a community college for a degree in Nutrition I've decided change directions and pursue my BSN. I think all along I knew I would take this route but the time came for me to think about applying to schools and I just decided that this is what I want to do.

    So what now?
    I am done with almost all of my prerequisites, I am currently taking MicroBio and Organic Chem and will be taking Physiology and 2 other general education courses in the spring (sociology and child development). My cumulative GPA is about 3.6ish and my science GPA is 3.7 currently (I received all A's except a B in Anatomy that I'm still smarting over).

    I live in the San Diego area and will be applying to schools here but my husband and I are also open to moving to San Francisco as well. The school I am thinking of applying to are SDSU, SFSU, USF, USD, and possibly other private or vocational schools if those don't pan out. I would like to obtain my degree from a four year university but I am willing to look at other options. I'm not completely familiar with other options in SF so if anyone has info then please share. I understand the job market in SF is not great but our plan is to finish school there just to live for a few years and then head back to SoCal after graduation.

    -I have not taken my TEAS test yet, but I have ordered a practice book that someone mentioned here on the forum so I hope to take that ASAP. I was also thinking of starting some volunteer work at a nearby hospital to get started on my hours.

    Any advice about schools or what I can do this fall to help with admission or anything else I should be doing/taking care of?
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