PART-TIME jobs, how did you get your PT position? Hard to find?

  1. i work in nicu, full time nights (3 nights/week) and wanted to go part time, but it's very difficult in my unit, you have to be on a wait list for 3 years or more, they apparently don't want to pay benefits and have somebody work only 2 shifts (not cost effective). well, i can't wait this long, and have been looking around for some pt positions (2 shifts with benefits), preferably nicu's, but don't see any postings, i haven't actually applied anywhere and asked, but it's discouraging not to see any pt job postings. any part time rn's working in icu with benefits? how did you get your positions? maybe it's just florida, but i will be moving to ca and wondering what's the possibility for pt job there, preferably nicu, but open to other options/units. i can't work full time much longer, do you have to have medical notice or go to school etc? please let me know how you got it????? thanks for any info!
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  3. by   chickapea
    I have a friend who works three 8 hour shifts in the PACU with benefits. I'm guessing there might be some people who work two 12s and get benefits too. Hope this helps!