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Anyone in the Palomar College waitlist? Anyone knows if they already sent out acceptance letters for Spring 2012 or Fall 2012? If you do, what number on the waitlist are you currently in? I'm in the... Read More

  1. by   Ivylove

    Thank you so much for responding, I know how busy you are but you took your time to respond....don't worry, all advices are ALL NOTED ;D I'll pm you if I have more questions - of course if you don't mind LOL! I truly wish you all the best with this nursing school. I am a bit nervous to be honest, but really hoping that everything works out. Thanks again! Don't get tired of posting...I and everyone else in here could use every single advice from other nursing students like you...
  2. by   speedy08
    Hi All,

    I will be beginning with Palomar's Nursing Program for Spring 2013. I searched for others who will begin with me come Jan 22nd however have been unsuccessful.

    Just trying to reach out and meet some fellow students as well as find previous/current Palomar students who can give me some insight?!

    Any responses are helpful