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Anyone in the Palomar College waitlist? Anyone knows if they already sent out acceptance letters for Spring 2012 or Fall 2012? If you do, what number on the waitlist are you currently in? I'm in the 80's and I'm just looking for... Read More

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    Hi Allie86,

    How are you? Guess what? I got an e-mail on Thursday asking me if I would like to start this Fall. Looks like a space became available so I accepted it. Do you know if you're still going for fall? Have you started the background check yet? I'm getting ready to do it since I just got a go signal to go for it yesterday. I was wondering which package did you pick.

    Thanks again...

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    Hello Iamwaiting,

    I'm pretty sure you're busy since you already started this Spring. I just want to let you know that I am officially accepted to start in Fall....yey! I'm very happy and excited. Hope you're doing great in your class and wish you the best of luck! I can't wait to hear from you
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    Hey Cheyenne

    Yes I am definatly entering this fall. I already completed the background just not the drug. I picked up my chain of custody though. The background package in the one that is 65.....background check & drug screen.

    So excited you'll be starting with me! I already bought a few books to get ready for this fall! IM going to PM you my number too.
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    Awesome! I did pick the $65 one and I finished it not too long ago. When did you pick up the chain of custody form? How exciting! Where did you order the books? I will start buying next week since I still have a class that I need to finish this weekend. I'll check my pm.
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    ------ will email you to go pick it up from the office. I ordered off I havent bounght them all but little by little!!
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    I see great...thanks Allie ☺
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    hi cheyenne_ivey, nursing school is been crazy to say the least. it's very difficult but doable if you manage your time wisely. you are constantly doing something and it will feel like 24 hr a day is not enough to do all the things you need to do. although it is hectic you still have to find time to spend with your family to keep your sanity. i know your gonna hate tuesday night search night but embrace it and learn as much as you can. utilize your instructor too. they are there to help you out keep them a call or text them if need be. instructor ------ was on my speed dial list. do not be intimidated by them they are very helpful with students. follow directions even if that meant doing silly things like putting a your number on every single page on every paper you have to turn in... do it!!! also, do not be late... this is a big big deal to the program. just last week we lost a student in our group because she was late on more than one occasion and shes been warn that if she was ever late again they will remove her from the program and late she was. guess what they really did kick her out even if was 3 more weeks left in the semester.
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    Please take those advice seriously also do not hesistate to ask for help from the semester ahead of you because they will help you a great deal. The second semesters student have been wonderful to us. We will be doing the same thing to you guys if you need help as well. As you guys could probably tell during the orientation the panel that spoke to you were like a family. Make sure that you depend and help each other out. If anyone understands you better it will be your classmates because they are also going through the same thing you are going through. Really this is the time where you would realize that there really is no I in team. If you dont work well with others this will only isolate you from your group and perhaps you won't make it. The first two people we lost in the program just kept to themselves and guess what they were the first one gone.

    Let me know if you have any questions. I'm willing to help you out.
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    Thank you so much for responding, I know how busy you are but you took your time to respond....don't worry, all advices are ALL NOTED ;D I'll pm you if I have more questions - of course if you don't mind LOL! I truly wish you all the best with this nursing school. I am a bit nervous to be honest, but really hoping that everything works out. Thanks again! Don't get tired of posting...I and everyone else in here could use every single advice from other nursing students like you...
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    Hi All,

    I will be beginning with Palomar's Nursing Program for Spring 2013. I searched for others who will begin with me come Jan 22nd however have been unsuccessful.

    Just trying to reach out and meet some fellow students as well as find previous/current Palomar students who can give me some insight?!

    Any responses are helpful

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