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Anyone in the Palomar College waitlist? Anyone knows if they already sent out acceptance letters for Spring 2012 or Fall 2012? If you do, what number on the waitlist are you currently in? I'm in the 80's and I'm just looking for... Read More

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    Hey Allie86,Congratulations! I got an e-mail last week and asking me if would to be considered for Fall if one or more students declined. So, are you going to the orientation on Monday?

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    Yes Cheyenne. Ill def be there! You too I gather. Thats wesome. There might be a space for you! Are you in a position to start fall if offered?
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    I'll be there too so I will see you. I'll look for you lol...Honestly, I'm still deciding because my daughter starts kindergarten in August as well and I still need to arrange babysitters and all. Also, I'm thinking too because I'm taking BS CLS and I should be done in December, but if I take the August starts, then I'll have to stop the other. I said yes when they sent me an e-mail because part of me is telling me to take it. Been waiting for this and I really want to get it done sooner. If there's no spot for august then I'm completely okay with it. Plus, I'm also working full time and have to quit.Do you live close to Palomar?
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    Oh I understand! I live in temecula and will have to quit my full time job too! We just bought a house and had a baby, which makes 3 kids for us. Last semester I got the notice that I may start early but I said if at all possible I dont want too. They allowed since I wasnt actually deferring because it wasnt my turn jus a possibility. Also the baby was so young so im glad I didnt start last semester. I finished my ba at csu sm and am happy but that means no grants for palomar, & they dont certify bank loans so all out of pocket. Thats why im so nervous... finances!
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    I live in Temecula too, wow. We bought a house here in 2008. So you have 3 kids? That must be hard, I have 1 and I'm complaining lol. Finances, fortunately I have my husband's GI bill to cover school expenses and his income alone should cover monthly bills. We have savings that I might have to use when needed. Yeah they told me if decided not to start in Fall then I won't lose my spot in Spring. Have you thought about babysitters for your kids? Congrats on the little one
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    Ya im still looking into daycare options...we wont be able to afford our current childcare so im still researching. But im faithfull it will all work out! My husband income is not enough to cover all expenses but he has options to work another job if need be. We just moved here last sept! I love it. Were off winchester near chapparel.
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    It will work out and once we're done with nursing, it'll all be worth it. Have you try Babysitters, Nannies and Nanny Services - Sittercity Babysitting I will create an account there once I know for sure if I'm accepted in Fall. I should be okay as far as childcare, I registered my daughter to one of the BASES (before and after school) in school where she'll be going for kindergarten. My only problem is when I get stuck in clinicals or she gets sick that I have to pick her up early. I don't really like to bother anyone for a favor to pick up my daughter, but I'll probably have to. My husband is deployed all the time and when he comes back (next month), his schedule is not even guarantee since he is sea duty and stationed in San Diego (32nd). I have family and friends that actually offered to pick up my daughter just in case, so I guess I'll have to accept the offer if I want everything to work out.

    I'm right by Pechanga Casino...are any of your kids in school yet?
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    Thanks for the great heads up
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    Oh thanks for the ideas. Yes my son is in kinder and I know about the bases program. The other two are 4 & infant. I have used the sittercity before and its good just pricey depending on your needs! Well I guess ill see u on monday!
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    Yes, I will see you on Monday. Hope everything works out

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