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Anyone in the Palomar College waitlist? Anyone knows if they already sent out acceptance letters for Spring 2012 or Fall 2012? If you do, what number on the waitlist are you currently in? I'm in the 80's and I'm just looking for... Read More

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    Quote from BeJuled
    Well my number went down pretty fast so maybe you'll get in for Fall 2012.... Its a long story but basically I'm in an LVN program right now and will be done in december... but I REALLY want to get my RN as soon as possible.. so I'm thinking starting over and doing the generic RN will get me there faster than trying to bridge.. because by the time I get my LVN license and apply for transition courses then get on a waitlist for the bridge it will prob take longer than going the generic route. I know people think I'm crazy for considering it but I can work as an LVN while I'm in the RN. But I'm also considering taking my chances and going for the bridge but really don't want to miss the opportunity to get my RN since I've been waiting this long...

    Anyone want to give me any input or opinions on what I should do????
    If you already have a spot in the Generic program starting this spring, I say go ahead and start this spring. After you complete your LVN program it still takes FOREVER to get your LVN license (which I don't understand, but that's the way it is). So, you can't even submit your application for the bridge program until you have your LVN license. At that point you'll almost be finished with your first semester of the generic program. Going the bridge route only saves you one semester of school but you realistically wouldn't even be able to start until at least a year after you would start the generic program; so by my calculation, you'll complete your RN faster if you go ahead and start the generic program rather than wait and apply for the bridge program. Just my Best of luck to you.
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    Hi everyone who got accepted for Spring 2012! I just did too. First I got a conditional letter in the mail, then one saying I have been accepted via e-mail. I have to turn back my acceptance form before September 8th...just waiting for that in the mail! Eeks. Congrats!!
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    Congrats RNtobeRochelle! Were you on the waitlist? If you were, what number were you on the list? Or did you apply under the new point system?
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    Hi Cheyenne ivey, I am number 13 on the list right now...15887. I don't think they took everyone off that is up to number 15 yet, for the spring 2012 program. I am number 13 right now, but they said I am accepted. Hope this sounds right? Haha. Orientation is on Oct. 24, so excited. What about you- your number? Or did you apply under the new point system?
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    I'm still on the 80's...sigh! But I guess once you guys are accepted, my number will come up again I haven't applied under the new point system just yet? I will this month though, I'll see if I can get in sooner.
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    Ok. Well definitely apply by the new process as well! Dang, you're in the 80's and they gave you an acceptance letter or just a provisional letter saying you "might" be accepted? Either way, that's great!
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    No no no, I haven't received anything from them...acceptance letter, sure I wish they'll send me one sooner . I'm just looking for someone I can ask like their waitlist #'s so I can get an estimate on how soon I can get in. I will turn my applications under the new point system, who knows I might be able to get in faster. Did you apply with the new point system? Or you stayed on the list the whole time? You probably applied before me, I applied in fall2009, you?
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    I applied in the spring (May) 2009, so you're one semester behind me. The real crappy thing is they were taking 60 students in the fall and 30 in the spring, but just reading their website last night, it looks like they recently changed it!!? It said they take 36 students in the fall and 36 in the spring. Hmm. I just waited the whole time; I thought about applying the new way but just decided to wait. I think I got REAL LUCKY because after this last letter of intent got sent out, it looks like a lot of people dropped off the waitlist or didn't turn in their letters of intent. Hope you move up or get in soon!!! :-)
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    I would have been in a long time ago if they didn't start the new point system. Actually now they only take 18 from the current wait list and 18 from the new point system. So instead of 36 from the waitlist, now only half I hope so too, I've been waiting for about 2 years now.
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    Hi RNtobeRochelle, I got a provisional acceptance letter last August 29th I think and I'm on number 18. I called them yesterday about the letter and they told me to go ahead and attend the orientation next month because there is a possibilty that i might get in for Spring 2012... fingers cross! Hopefully I can be on the same cohort as you

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