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Anyone in the Palomar College waitlist? Anyone knows if they already sent out acceptance letters for Spring 2012 or Fall 2012? If you do, what number on the waitlist are you currently in? I'm in the... Read More

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    No no no, I haven't received anything from them...acceptance letter, sure I wish they'll send me one sooner . I'm just looking for someone I can ask like their waitlist #'s so I can get an estimate on how soon I can get in. I will turn my applications under the new point system, who knows I might be able to get in faster. Did you apply with the new point system? Or you stayed on the list the whole time? You probably applied before me, I applied in fall2009, you?
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    I applied in the spring (May) 2009, so you're one semester behind me. The real crappy thing is they were taking 60 students in the fall and 30 in the spring, but just reading their website last night, it looks like they recently changed it!!? It said they take 36 students in the fall and 36 in the spring. Hmm. I just waited the whole time; I thought about applying the new way but just decided to wait. I think I got REAL LUCKY because after this last letter of intent got sent out, it looks like a lot of people dropped off the waitlist or didn't turn in their letters of intent. Hope you move up or get in soon!!! :-)
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    I would have been in a long time ago if they didn't start the new point system. Actually now they only take 18 from the current wait list and 18 from the new point system. So instead of 36 from the waitlist, now only half I hope so too, I've been waiting for about 2 years now.
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    Hi RNtobeRochelle, I got a provisional acceptance letter last August 29th I think and I'm on number 18. I called them yesterday about the letter and they told me to go ahead and attend the orientation next month because there is a possibilty that i might get in for Spring 2012... fingers cross! Hopefully I can be on the same cohort as you
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    btw, I guess we applied at the same time as Spring 09 and basically your 5 numbers ahead of me. This waiting game is driving me insane.
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    I'm officially "IN" for spring 2012! Cheyenne i think the list will go pretty fast. YOu might be able to get in for Fall 2012.
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    You think so? I sure hope so...
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    I think so, cause just last year I was in the low 100's and now im officially in. On the current list I am on number 18 so you could already count on at least taking out 18 people off the list and that's not getting rid of all the people who will decline.
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    Thank you so much for the encouragement! I really do hope that I get in soon...congrats again to you for getting in. When is the orientation? Let me know how the class goes
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    hang in there, cheyenne, i was in your position this time around just over the summer before you know it, it will be your turn.
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    I wonder if I should still apply under the new point system. Have you taken the teas yet?
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    Yes, I took my teas about 3-4 semesters ago. You should really apply into the new point system who knows you might get lucky and be with our cohort spring 2012.
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    Ok I will....I did too, I took it in November last year. When does the class start?