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  1. Hello there I am an upcoming new grad student (May 2018) from Ohio looking to move out to California. I was looking at the requirements for the licensure by exam on the California Board of Nursing website and seen that they required 864 clinical hours to have been completed in the prospective nursing students educational program (ADN or BSN). Being that I am from Ohio our state does not require a set minimum hours for clinicals in geriatrics, med-surg, pediatrics, intensive care, and OB. I was wondering how would I be able to get the extra 200-300 hours I will need after I graduate my ADN program this May (ACEN and Ohio board approved)? All of the RN to BSN programs that I have looked at do not require clinical hours for their program completion, so would I be able to pay someone to supervise me for the remaining 200-300 hours after the fact that I will have my ADN degree in May of this year or will I be required to get retake my associates degree in the state of California?

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    As long as your school is CCNE OR ACEN and regionally accredited you should be fine. I would apply NOW because the fingerprinting will take a while. Usually the hours are for international graduates. I applied 3 months before graduating and my application wasn't even reviewed until 1 month after graduating. So if you applied AFTER graduating you would wait even longer.