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Hi all, I am graduating from an ADN program in Nevada in December. My fiance is currently working in San Francisco, and I have spent the last few months trying to research new grad programs in northern California. I am... Read More

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    Just an FYI UCSF will hire ADN nurses. I was told that although they will hire fewer, they will continue to hire ADN nurses because they understand not everyone can get their BSN (for financial, family, personal obligations etc) and want to be representative of the area. Kinda a cool sentiment.
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    There is a nurse registry about 1 1/2 hours north of San Francisco that takes new grads for peds home care. After you build up skills, they will start sending you out to hospitals. An RN runs this company and saw the need for New Grads needing experience for jobs. Pay is low, $22-27 for RN. They have LVN openings too. I am just starting with them. I am a new member on allnurses. PM me and I can give you info.