Nclex pn shut off at 86 questions

  1. I took the nclex pn in California yesterday
    8-2-17 and it cut off at 86 questions. I have seen a lot of others who's have shut off at 85 and a good portion have passed and a good portion have failed! I just feel like 86 is a weird number so I've been panicking because the test was brutal! About 16 SATA, a couple lab values, and every question all the answers seemed correct! I am feeling like a complete failure after walking out of there! I was so bummed because I walked in there expecting to get the full 205 questions, once I clicked next after 85, it went to 86 and I thought to myself cool it kept going, then I shut off at 86. Sadly California doesn't do the quick results so now I am waiting, not wanting to do the pvt trick! Has this happened to anyone else that passed or failed? Thanks 🙏🏽
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