National University's LVN-RN BSN January 2012 Cohort?

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    Hello everyone

    I was wondering if anyone has applied to National University's January 2012 LVN-RN BSN cohort in San Diego?

    I have finally finished the dreaded TEAS V and proctored essay, and am just waiting to hear the news (whether good or bad). It'd be lovely if I could sweat out this awful waiting period with some other people in limbo...I'm so nervous!

    There are only 20 accepted into the program each year, and we had between 40 and 45 applicants--this is excruciating!

    If any of ya'll want to chat and discuss, I'd be happy to squawk!

    ~Bali girl :redpinkhe

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    Is there anyone out there who applied to this program? I'm feeling a little lonely here!

    ~Bali :redpinkhe
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    As of this afternoon, my status still reads 'submitted' ---this is going to be a long month!
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    Hi baligirl,

    I have also applied for the LVN-BSN cohort for 2012 I have not heard anything yet. I am not so sure if I will get in all in all it will depend on my essay. I feel kind of on edge but I am trying not to think about it too much
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    Yay for there being another one of us--and an OC girl, too!!

    Yeah, I'm totally on pins and needles sitting here...we're getting much closer to an answer, it just seems like we've been waiting forever!

    I wish you the best of luck. If you did well on everything else, I can't imagine you'd write a poor essay--I'm sure you'll be just fine

    I think there were 40ish applicants, our odds are at least better than going against 240, right?
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    Our odds are better but I am a bit nervous because I do not know how everyone else did I did not score as good on the teas as I wish I could have. When I took my teas they asked us not to contact them until the 1st of November. I am thinking they might not decide who gets in until around the last week in October. My status still says submitted as of this morning so I don't think they are reviewing the applications yet. They mentioned there was another cohort that is starting around the same time as LVN-BSN so maybe thats why it is taking so long??
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    I was wondering if your application status changed at all? Ugh I'm going crazy as the time gets closer...yikes!
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    I just checked and it says as of this morning final review. I am so nervous. Good luck to you I hope we both get in!
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    Quote from nocnursesd
    I just checked and it says as of this morning final review. I am so nervous. Good luck to you I hope we both get in!
    Okay good--mine says that too! Omg I wonder when we'll find out?! She said sometime in the last week of October, so I'm hoping next week? Did you read the thread about the changing guidelines for NU's program?

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