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I am starting National University (Fresno, CA) in January. I will do all of my prereqs in a year and then I can apply for the program! Does anybody know about this program? Is it hard? Are the instructors good? I know it is... Read More

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    Quote from Amal_559

    That's so true. You definitely have made some good points, and when you think about it, yes, it makes no sense to spend all that money to be an LVN, "especially" at Gurnick (I did a tour and omg/make sure you still have your purse is what came to mind..I guess I just couldn't appreciate the graffiti/ghetto-ness enough to when its hard enough as it is finding a job as an RN (especially one without a BSN.) Thanks for the help Hope your loving school and wish you the best JKaur, maybe I'll find my way back on this forum in a couple of months and see how your experience is going with NU.

    Glad to help I hope you figure out which route is good for you. I'll probably check back in here after a while too just to share any updates or anything.
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    Has anyone already started their nursing program at National University? what books do you guys use for Med Surg I and II?

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