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  1. I just took the TEAS test for National University, about 2 weeks ago. Now I'm waiting to find out if I got in or not. Has anyone else applied to National University in Fresno, CA and if so have you heard anything yet. The waiting is driving me crazy...
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  3. by   Pinky687
    The replies were supposed to go out next week, but I got an email this morning from Tara telling me that I was accepted. I applied for the November 2009 cohort though and she said I got into the May 2010 one, so I hope that's a mistake. :P I hope you got in too!
  4. by   angelina38
    thanks i got that email this morining too. so yes i will be i the same cohert. good luck and see u soon. Congrats
  5. by   angelina38
    yeah, i talk to her it was a mistake. we got in the nov 2099 cohert. so congrats and good luck
  6. by   Pinky687
    Yaay, congrats to you too! I'm glad it's November and not May, I wouldn't be able to stand the wait! haha...Are you from Fresno? I'm from Stockton, so I'm going to have to find an apartment. Any suggestions?
  7. by   angelina38
    I actually live in Madera, which is like 30 minutes north of Fresno. Fresno has a lot of nice apartments right off the 41 freeway. I dont remember the full name of the apartment but its right off the 41 and Shaw, the casa something. Becareful were you mve in fresno, try and stay by the school. Around the 41 and Fraint to Shaw. As you no Fresno has alot of shotting and crime.
  8. by   Pinky687
    Okay, you had me scared for a minute there about the crime...But I talked to my friend who lives in Fresno and he said there are definitely nice/safe areas. I'll be sure to stick to those places.

    Anyway, is there anyone else here in our cohort? It would be great to hear from you too!
  9. by   angelina38
    No, don't get me wrong. There are nice and safe places to live in Fresno. I don't think it any worse than Stockton:wink2:. Im original from Stockon, too. Born and raised. So you can handle Fresno.

    I don't no anyone else that has gotten in with us yet. Tara just called me yesterday and told me that I should be getting a packet in the mail. Good luck apartment hunting. Stay in touch and I will see you in november .
    Hello. I've taken all my science courses at National and had planned on enrolling in the BSN program in Fresno, but I was scared off by the cost of the program. How is everyone paying for this? I hope this question is not too personal. I'm just trying to figure out if this is even an option for me since Fresno City is so ridiculous to get into.

  11. by   angelina38
    Don't be put off by the cost. You don't have to worry about paying it back until your finished with school. You can apply for scholarships and grants. So you mite not have to pay it all back. Apply, take the the TEAS, get in and then worry about the cost.
    If you go to state ur going to be paying some money too. With the fee increase and u go for 3 years. National u go for 22months. Think about it. I hope this helped, just a little.
  12. by   yespino2009
    Hi Angelina and Pinky! Congratulations on getting in....I will also be starting the Nov 2009 cohort. It's very exciting and nerve racking....I am dying to know what our schedule will be like.
  13. by   Pinky687
    Congrats to you too! I can't wait to meet you and everyone else at orientation! I'm hoping to find a roommate, so I won't have to live by myself.
  14. by   angelina38
    Hey, have you guys recieved your background checks yet? I was just wondering. Angelina