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I just took the TEAS test for National University, about 2 weeks ago. Now I'm waiting to find out if I got in or not. Has anyone else applied to National University in Fresno, CA and if so have you... Read More

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    I paid for mine on the site last week, and I just realized the other day that I had to turn in the Disclosure & Release Form. Apparently, once they get that, the process shouldn't take too long.
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    I did all that. I was just wondering. No biggie, just as long as it's here by september 4th.
    How's the apartment hunting going?
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    Hi Gals! It's me Victor from orientation today. I was so excited to meet everyone and I am sure our Co-hort is going to rock! I can't wait to start the program. Until then, it was a pleasure meeting you!
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    Hey guys, it was nice to put a face to the user name. It was nice to meet all of you. I have a question for u guys, for the unbound medicine r you guys using your phones for that and if so what kinda of phone do u have and if not what kinda of palm do you have. I don't have a fancy phone, so i need to decided if i need to get another phone like a blackberry or palm trio or to just get a palm. I would appreciate your input. Thanks guys.
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    Hi guys! This is Cathy...It was really nice meeting the both of you yesterday too! I wish we could just start the program already and not have to wait another month! :P

    In regards to your question about Unbound Medicine, Angelina--I'm planning to use my iPhone. I recently got mine, and it makes life so much easier! I would recommend it over the Palm or Blackberry.
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    Since I moved from San Diego, I disconnected my phone. Although, it wouldn't have supported this application. So I am going to use my Palm Pilot (Zire 71).
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    This is Yadira...anybody buy their books yet?

    Angelina- for the Unbound Medicine I too will be using my iPhone. If you have AT& is a great investment. I love it! I use it for everything and I was sooo excited to find out that we could use it. Not sure if you all noticed...but you will also have access to a Taber's Dictionary with the Unbound Med program...this will be awesome.
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    I just bought all of my books at It's a pretty good site for finding some of the best prices on the internet. I spent $100 total on the three required books for Health Assessment, which I'm assuming is a lot cheaper than what they cost at the NU Bookstore.
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    The costs have started!!!! Can u believe we were charged $595.00 for orientation?????
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    What!!!That 's CRAZY.
    How do u no, did u go and do ur financial aide?
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    The $595 fee should be shown if you log into your NU SOAR account. Didn't the note in the orientation packet say that we were going to be charged $1500 though? If that's the case, $595 is a bargain...haha :P
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    Yeah, I logged into my account and there was a notice...
    Saying I had a balance...
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    ok, me again....has anyone talked to financial aid?

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