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Hi everyone! My name is Alissa and I applied to National University's generic entry BSN program in San Diego (for cohort 33). I just completed the proctored essay and the TEAS test today and now the... Read More

  1. by   CaptCrzy
    Hey lynn_08,

    That was the only book that everyone I know used. Most of my friends got scores from 85-95% overall, so I think you will be just fine. Best of luck to you.
  2. by   ABSN2be
    I didn't even know this thread existed! Congrats to all that got accepted to Cohort 33. I also got accepted but will be declining the offer so hopefully if anyone got an "alternate" status that you get my spot!

    @lynn_08: The ATI book should prepare you enough for the TEAS. Make sure you do the online practice test as the format is very similar. I also used the McGraw-Hill's 5 TEAS Practice Tests and "Cracking the Nursing School Entrance Exams (Graduate School Test Preparation)" Princeton Review. I studied for about 4 weeks before and got 86% (my reading comprehension score brought me down because I started to run out of time and had to rush through the end). It's been a while since I've taken any of these courses so I really needed to brush up on the material. I felt that doing a lot of practice tests helped me out a lot.

    For the essay, not really much you can do in preparing for it. Just know how to write an essay with the 5 paragraph format. Do a quick outline of what you'll discuss and you should be good to go. Just watch punctuation and spelling.
  3. by   SammiN
    The results for my cohort is suppose to be out today. I was wondering when NU emails you, do they let you know if you got accepted into the program or do they tell you the results are up on the student portal? I'm afraid that if it is only available on the portal that we won't be able to check it until Sunday night because the portal will be down for maintenance at 4.
  4. by   ABSN2be
    @Sammin: I first got an email saying I got an acceptance notification from the National University Nursing department. Then another email (which was sent to all the applicants) that we can check our admission status on SOAR. A few hours later, I got an email (sent to Cohort 33 accepted students) about the orientation and compliance packet. Hope that helps! Good luck again!
  5. by   SammiN
    I got in!
  6. by   nissy_nc
    Actually cappuccinespresso and CaptCrzy, I wont be attending. I am deferring till the next cohort. We had an unexpected death in the family and my orientation fee went to cover some of the funeral costs. I cant collect the 2500 by the time orientation rolls around so I am going to wait till April which will give me enough time to have the funds without causing a burden on my family. Good luck all of you who got accepted. For those who didn't, don't be discouraged, I was denied my first try at NU but on my second try got in, keep trying to improve your teas and essay score.
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  7. by   nissy_nc
    congrats everyone cant wait to join you all in April. Please keep incontact as you all will have a few months of experance on me.
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  8. by   MarineWife09
    Anyone here apply for cohort 34 that starts in April? I took the TEAS/ essay Nov 28. My score was an 88%. How did you all do? Congrats to everyone who was accepted for cohort 33!
  9. by   cappuccinespresso
    @nissy_nc Condolences to you, and I hope we still get to see each other once you start in April!

    @MarineWfe09 88% is really high! Good luck and I hope you get in to Cohort 34!
  10. by   OR Supernurse
    Hi Cohort 33. I am in Cohort 35, starting Pharm this month. Any tips for pharm??? We have an amazing professor...Dale Parent! :-)
  11. by   CaptCrzy
    Hey Everyone,

    It's been nearly 2 years since I posted the original post. I will be graduating from National University's BSN program in 3 months! It wasn't easy. Out of the 50 people who started with me only 1/2 of us are still together. Most people quit or failed a class and got held back. I refused to believe I could fail and was fiercely motivated to make it though. I still have a 3.7 GPA and worked part time until Med-Surg. I have a kid and a husband too (for all you ladies out there wondering if you can make it with a family to worry about). You just have to believe in yourself and never give up!

    Now to pass the NCLEX and get a job. I feel confident about passing the NCLEX, as National University prepares you quite well for that. Hopefully I find that ER job I want. I guess I will just do what I've always done........keep trying until I get what I want!
  12. by   futureRNicole
    Congratulations!! I will be applying in the spring of 2015. Still chugging along with prerequisites at the moment. So rare to find anyone who went through NU.
  13. by   ohmykasii
    For those who got accepted to the program, what were your grades for the pre-requisites ? What do you recommend to study for the Teas exam? I'm really nervous about everything! I been looking at every nursing program AND they all seem very competitive. I'm planning to apply in spring of 2016.