National University Cohort 32- October 2012

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    Hi Everyone,

    Anyone who applied to this cohort, lets thread and keep in touch about whats going on with our applications, test dates, etc...


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    Hi Damian! I applied for the October 2012 cohort too! Have you heard anything about your TEAS test date? Have you taken it yet?


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    Hi,I sent an e mail about a week ago asking about test dates and it said that they usually send test date emails about 3 weeks after the application period closed. Also, that the actual test dates would be scheduled about 4-6 weeks after. DamianM
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    Hi everyone!

    I applied for cohort 32 as well. I did my TEAS and essay this Tuesday, June 5. I got a very good score on the TEAS, and I'm satisfied with my essay. Have you guys taken your TEAS and essay yet?
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    Yes, I took my TEAS and essay about a month ago and I feel pretty good about both! The more I wait though the more nervous I get. I want it to be the end of July already so we can all find out!

    Does anyone know what the cut off score was for cohort 31?
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    The cutoff score for cohort 31 was 84 points.....from what I have heard. But do not quote me on that. All I know is that for this upcoming cohort (32), that there have been 150 applicants and of course 50 spaces. Looks like there are 2 different cohort 32 threads going.

    Best of luck to everyone =)
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    Hello, i also applied for this cohort and it is the end of July, I haven't heard anything. Has anyone else?
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    No, not yet....they said to expect an e mail in the beginning of August
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    I called last Friday and she said she will be tallying up scores this week and should have them out to us by the end of the week. lets keep our fingers crossed.
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    Thanks for the update, I got some emails from national this morning and I almost had a heart attack haha

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