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Hi Everyone, Anyone who applied to this cohort, lets thread and keep in touch about whats going on with our applications, test dates, etc... Cheers!... Read More

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    My SOAR nursing app changed to final review! Anyone else?
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    Mine too!!!!
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    Alternate, yet again.
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    I got in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I have made a FaceBook group for Cohort 32. It is titled "Cohort 32- National University San Diego". Just put in a request and I will add you. I do encourage everyone to do it. FB groups allow for file/Document sharing, which will probably come in handy. And I'm sure you all are just as confused about the process as me!
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    Thank you MakaylaD for doing this... I appreciate it! And how are you doing in all the paperwork we have to turn in on the 14th. Its a lot!
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    Unfortunately the group I made doesn't show in search results. The page that is up now isn't the one I created, and it's not much of a resource. You aren't able to even post on the page itself to talk to each other...which is why a 'group' would be more appropriate. I encourage someone else to create the group, as my FB has a glitch.

    About the paperwork, ugh! I had to send multiple emails to figure out who was getting sent what. And I got different answers from everyone. But thankfully its squared away now. How about you? Any confusion?
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    Hi everyone,
    I just found out i am no longer an alternate but actually accepted!!!! I just made another group page because the first one wasn't working. it is: National University Cohort 32. it is open to the public so feel free to add to the group and introduce yourself.