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Hi everyone! I thought I'd start a thread for those of us who applied for the April 2013 cohort at National University in San Diego. I believe everyone has taken their TEAS/essay by now. How did you all do? I'm anxious to find... Read More

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    Hello, all. Just figured I'd add myself to the thread as I'm anxiously waiting too. I wouldn't normally join these boards, but I decided that it was only fair since I sought answers and comfort from you all. Thanks to you all for posting.

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    5 more days left in the month and I still have not received any feedback. There must have been quite of few applicants this time around. Has anyone got feedback?
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    I talked to a friend who started in the Jan cohort and said you know who is the only one in the dept that does the inputting. I was told she will respond to all emails it might take a few days though. Everyone I talked to in the program says you will be notified on a sat via email straight from you know who. The student portal will change from submitted to final evaluation and then we should receive something within 48 hrs. I hope we find out this weekend.
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    Ok. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Hoping to hear back soon!
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    Just in case you did not receive the email from you know who results will be posted tonight. So close. Good luck everyone.
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    good luck!
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    i thought the status of our application would change by now. mine still says submitted.
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    My status has not changed either. I would love to receive the email tonight.
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    i was accepted!

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