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National University April 2013 Cohort - page 2

Hi everyone! I thought I'd start a thread for those of us who applied for the April 2013 cohort at National University in San Diego. I believe everyone has taken their TEAS/essay by now. How did you... Read More

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    I keep checking my portal to see if my application status has changed We should start hearing something very soon. April is right around the corner. Good luck to everyone.
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    today better be the day!
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    I hope so! The student portal is down tomorrow afternoon until Sunday. Also, today is the last day to apply for the October cohort Stressing out a bit!
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    Sent an email and this is the response:
    Thank you for following up with me regarding the status of your application. I understand you are anxiously waiting for the final results. At this time, application processing is in its final stages. Due to a high volume of applicants, essays are still being reviewed by our faculty evaluators.

    Once I have received all of the essay evaluations back from the faculty, it will take several days to tally up, calculate and finalize admissions scores and enter the data into the SOAR system.

    We are hoping to have admissions results posted in the SOAR student portal by the last week of January. You will receive an email notification to let you know when the final results are ready and viewable in SOAR.
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    How annoying! If you tell us a time frame when you'll have our admission status by, then you stick to it. It went from mid-January, to the third week, and now the final week. I hope this isn't a glimpse as to how their program is run.
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    I agree this is ridiculous. Now we missed The Oct deadline. Why does becoming a nurse have to be so unpredictable academically.
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    I meant to say the July cohort. Last day for Oct is in April 2013.
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    Hello, all. Just figured I'd add myself to the thread as I'm anxiously waiting too. I wouldn't normally join these boards, but I decided that it was only fair since I sought answers and comfort from you all. Thanks to you all for posting.
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    5 more days left in the month and I still have not received any feedback. There must have been quite of few applicants this time around. Has anyone got feedback?
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    I talked to a friend who started in the Jan cohort and said you know who is the only one in the dept that does the inputting. I was told she will respond to all emails it might take a few days though. Everyone I talked to in the program says you will be notified on a sat via email straight from you know who. The student portal will change from submitted to final evaluation and then we should receive something within 48 hrs. I hope we find out this weekend.
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    Ok. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Hoping to hear back soon!
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    Just in case you did not receive the email from you know who results will be posted tonight. So close. Good luck everyone.