Moving to Los Angeles- Los feliz - glendale area Moving to Los Angeles- Los feliz - glendale area | allnurses

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Moving to Los Angeles- Los feliz - glendale area

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    I am currently think about relocating to LA. My significant other lives in an area I believe is called Los Feliz, and since I will be living with him I don't wanna have to drive too far. I know it is close to Glendale on the map. I am looking for some hospitals that treat their nurses well, in or close to that area. I have worked my entire career on tele and neuro/tele units. I am currently working as and admit nurse. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate them.

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    Looking at Google Maps, in Los Feliz, there's Hollywood Presbyterian. Glendale has Glendale Adventist, Glendale Memorial, Kaiser. Kaiser generally treats their nurses well; I do not know about the other hospitals.

    Good luck!