Mount St. Mary's College ABSN FALL 2012 - page 21

Hello, I just applied for the ABSN for Fall 2012, just wondering if anyone has submitted their applications for this pool?... Read More

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    No worries! @tbmw

    So in order to create a group i need to add friends to it!

    Can some of you private message or email me your email/fb info that way i can friend you and start the MSMC ABSN fall 2012 cohort group!

    I'm not searchable by name on fb and i don't know how to turn it on to searchable!!

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    Log In | Facebook

    that is our cohorts group on FB! bam!
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    yah! I just sent you an email!
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    Does anybody know how much weight the application essay is worth for the ABSN program?

    And also if I dont' have any volunteering experience, is that going to be a big knock against me as an applicant?
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    Hello - thinking about applying to the program, any advice?


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