Mount St. Mary's nursing ADN program, Spring 2012; any advice? - page 3

Hello all, I am planning to attend Mount St. Mary's ADN program for Spring 2012. I recently attended another nursing program and didn't pass :(. I believe that by taking 5 classes for my first semester of nursing school it was... Read More

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    Hey guys! I'm currently finishing up the end of my first year in the ADN program at MSMC. I know that there isn't a lot of information out on the internet about the program, so please email me if you have any questions at all.

    There's no doubt that MSMC students are the best at clinical sites. We're extremely professional and know far more than most nursing students I know. BUT, there's a reason for that.

    The program is currently in flux. There are a lot of changes going on and I would *highly* recommend that you go to another school if you can. I'll get more into detail about all of that not on a public forum. =)

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    How often does their BSN program start? once a year? i know their adn is 2 times a year
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    Hi Matt,

    Congratulations on your acceptance in Mt. Saint Mary's. Question for you. Do you have a Bachelor's degree already? I already have a Bachelor's but in a different field. I'm trying to figure out where to start! Any advise? I was looking at the ADN program at Mt. Saint Mary's - did you complete all your prereqs prior?
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    Did u end up getting in? Was there a wait lists?
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    Did u get accepted the first time you applied?
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    Hello all, also curious how much you can work and attend Mount St. Mary's - associate degree in nursing? Wondering if you can take more classes in the summer? I'm currenlty a high school teacher and would love to get into nursing as a second career. Any advice would be great appreciated.
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    Hey Matt,
    If you don't mind answering, what were your stats (GPA, experience) prior to applying for pre-nursing? I am planning on applying as well in order to stop wasting time and get the ball rolling on all pre-reqs to eventually pursue a BSN or ADN (whichever will accept me first). I haven't heard if this is a competitive program to get accepted. Thanks!
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    Hello everyone! I am interested in their ADN program for Spring 2014. For those that have been accepted, could you share what grades/TEAS scores you had? I know that every nursing program is competitive but I would love to hear from those who have been accepted.
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    For those that were accepted do you mind sharing with me your stats (grades,teas,etc)? I'm very interested in applying but dont know if I have the grades :/

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