Mount St. Mary's nursing ADN program, Spring 2012; any advice? - page 3

Hello all, I am planning to attend Mount St. Mary's ADN program for Spring 2012. I recently attended another nursing program and didn't pass :(. I believe that by taking 5 classes for my first... Read More

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    Hey Matt,
    If you don't mind answering, what were your stats (GPA, experience) prior to applying for pre-nursing? I am planning on applying as well in order to stop wasting time and get the ball rolling on all pre-reqs to eventually pursue a BSN or ADN (whichever will accept me first). I haven't heard if this is a competitive program to get accepted. Thanks!
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    Hello everyone! I am interested in their ADN program for Spring 2014. For those that have been accepted, could you share what grades/TEAS scores you had? I know that every nursing program is competitive but I would love to hear from those who have been accepted.
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    For those that were accepted do you mind sharing with me your stats (grades,teas,etc)? I'm very interested in applying but dont know if I have the grades :/

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