Moorpark nursing vs. Pasadena nursing

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    I got accepted to 2 nursing programs. I can't decide whethee to go to Moorpark or Pasadena nursing program. Both schools are the same distance from me, but there are some pros and cons I would like to point out. I would really like to get some advice from people that are in either programs.

    I am new to this site and I have to face the biggest decision I have ever made in a couple of days. Although I am extremely happy about this,I have no idea what I should do.I have received acceptance letters to both Moorpark and Pasadena nursing programs. I am exremely afraid and somewhat intimated by Moorpark because my sister recently flunked out her third semester. I have also heard that it is harder than most ADN programs. Also, I need to take an extra class at Moorpark if I want to proceed with the program. It seems that Pasadena is the smarter choice, but I feel it is much more convenient going to Moorpark considering she already has all the books, uniform tags, and other helpful tips and notes she has from going there. Anyways, I would really like get some input from people who have went to either of these schools. Anyone have anything to say about this? Any advice would be much appreciate, Thank you!

    moorpark pros: easier drive, financially more convenient, guidance from sister
    pasadena pros: easier program?, no extra class needed
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