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Hi everyone, I recently got into both Mira Costa and Grossmont College's ADN programs for the Fall 2012. I was wondering which one people would choose and why (ie better program, which has more graduates that obtain jobs... Read More

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    Oh, that's good to hear! I will most likely try to find work/volunteer while in the program then as well. I imagine it wouldn't be tougher than getting my BS at UCSB, working part time and volunteering while doing so. I never really thought to compare the two. For some reason I had it in my head that they deterred students from working while in the nursing program, but that may be another school that I read that about. Thanks again for all your input! I appreciate it so much!

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    MCC has clinicals at tri-city, palomar medical center, pomerado hospital, kaiser zion, and camp pendleton; no nursing homes, all acute care hospital setting. if you have any questions about MCC, feel free to message me
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    Thanks! Have you graduated from their ADN program or are you currently in it?
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    Just graduated from the ADN program this spring.
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    I already graduated from their program and I am currently at SDSU. SDSU has a really great nursing program as well!
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    Hi @snobrdrblinkchikI Got accepted to both Mira costa and palomar a nursing programs and can't find any useful information on which program will be best. Can you tell me anything that distinguishes Mira costa over palomar or the other way around? Thanks!!!
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    Hello, I just got accepted to MCC spring 2012 and I have some questions about it:How difficult is it to find a job after graduating when most hospitals prefer BSN prepared nurses? Did you work while in school?I wanted to message you but I don't have enough posts to do so..
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    Hi, snobrdrblinkchik, how hard is it to get in MCC's nursing program?

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