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I have been accepted to Merritt College ADN for fall 2012. Any others that have been accepted as well?... Read More

  1. by   extreme motivation
    Some of you already started purchasing the needed textbooks? Where did you get the information on what books we need to get?
  2. by   ThatGuy.
    All the books I bought where recommended by people who are currently in the program or who have already graduated. None of the books I bought are actual assigned textbooks, they're just additional information that I will be using in order to have a greater overall understanding of the material that will be covered in class.
  3. by   DisneyDreamer
    Same here. I just bought supplemental material. I am waiting until after orientation to purchase the textbooks.
  4. by   jon510
    i see thank you. i hope they have the summer class, and ill definitely study my old notes, get the pickar book and try to test out of it. another question; approximately how many of the students who were there the first week of the semester were left at the end of the semester ? i read about having about 75% of the class drop out for one reason or another. that worries me
  5. by   Chribri
    We are down to 23 from 77 accepted after two semesters. A lot dropped after the first and second test out of discouragement many failed after the third, some dropped from clinical deciding nursing may not be for them and a few got into BSN programs. Of those who made it through fundamentals only five more failed.This program is totally doable, but ask yourself if you can be self motivated and entirely committed to succeeding.
  6. by   DisneyDreamer
    What is the summer class about?
  7. by   heartdrop
    The summer class is a face paced program that will get you prepared for Fundamentals. You will read the book, and other books like the Hogan R&R, and DDC. Do practice questions and get tested on material. Your grade is based on work completed, not your actual grade in the class. The instructor will give you tips and advise for your success. There were 11 that completed the course and 8 of us are still here. It is a lot of work, however, if you can swing it, you will find it makes a difference in fundamentals. as I recall, it was six weeks in July with only four meetings.
  8. by   DisneyDreamer
    Thanks for the info heartdrop. Sounds like a good class.
  9. by   uni1602
    The summer class is full. I'm kind of disappointed.
  10. by   Chribri
    it's not full. They have a closed registration. You need approval from the nursing department. and have to register in person. All the nursing courses are that way.
  11. by   uni1602
    Thanks Chris.
    I'll ask about that when I come to turn in my letter of intent
  12. by   heartdrop
    They'll give all the information for that class and the required materials at orientation.
  13. by   DisneyDreamer
    So what is covered during orientation? Do we get a schedule?