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I have been accepted to Merritt College ADN for fall 2012. Any others that have been accepted as well?... Read More

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    Disney Dreamer:
    If you can't find the group on facebook via "search", try this link after you log in:

    I had a problem with finding the page earlier (immediately after I created the group page), but I think it works now. You can also try "friending" my alternate profile on facebook called "Gaming Buddy" (with an image of a brown guinea pig as the avatar). I can add you as a friend, then invite you to the group that way.

    PS: I don't want to post my real name on this forum, so that's why I suggest friending my alternate FB profile, which doesn't lead to any personal info. Luck!
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    Something you may consider once the program gets rolling a bit is making a private group. They don't show up on searches or on your facebook profile and are only viewable by those who have been invited by other members. You will find that it helps to have a place to vent without worrying about someone unwanted stumbling upon it.
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    Chris SN
    Is the Saunders NCLEX q&a review better than the comprehensive review?
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    I don't think I would jump to an nclex review just yet. I recommend davis's fundamentals success and Mary Anne hogan's reviews and rationales. Especially tge reviews and rationale.
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    Ok thanks
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    Hello c/o '14,

    I am entering my second year as well, with Chris SN. there was a question about having to retake DDC if you already took it at CCC: you will have to retake it or have to test out. I too, took Drug dosage at contra costa and they would not credit it, and it is taught in a different format, mostly practicing questions in class. so I would advise, as Chris SN did, test out of drug dosage, you will appreciate the time you will have to worry about Fundamentals. I didn't and I wished I did.

    I am not sure if there will be a summer class "Associate Degree of Nursing Success" offered this year, but if it is take it. I took it last summer and although it was a lot of work, it was an invaluable experience. The majority of those who were in that class are still in the program.
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    Thank you heartdrop. Will studying my DDC from CCC be enough to test out or should I study something more?
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    You should study the "Dosage Calculations" by Gloria Pickar 8th edition, i don't think they will be changing the book for this incoming semester and you'll find out for sure on orientation June 5th. I felt the material was easier in this book than the DDC at CCC but I took that years ago with the Davis' CD and little tiny book (do they still use that one?). At-any-rate, you'll be tested on material right out of the Pickar book.
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    Thanks. Yes, it's still the same little book.
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    Some of you already started purchasing the needed textbooks? Where did you get the information on what books we need to get?

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