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    I have searched & searched, but am having such a hard time finding LVN refresher courses! There seem to be some up in Northern CA/San Francisco area..but none in Southern CA/Orange County area. So, I am putting out a call for help! If you know of ANYWHERE that I can update my skills..take a refresher course or ??? PLEASE let me know. I have contacted the BVNPT, they were of no help. I have come accross a FEW 'NCLEX/PN' type review courses that call themselves 'refresher courses', but that is not what I am looking for. I have found a few 'refresher' courses for foreign trained nurses, and many courses for RN's..but what about the rest of us? Seems strange that with a nursing shortage there are so few courses available. I do have a current license, and work in home care. Its just that I never worked in a hospital (and still don't plan too)... and I feel that my many years at only 'simple, minimal skill needed' cases have done me a great disservice. Now I am afraid to apply anywhere else or try new cases. If I could take a refrsher course, I would gain the confidence & 're-education' I need to move forward. Any ideas, leads ect. would be GREATLY appreciated. THANKS


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    I am in the same boat as you and everywhere i have called is for nclex also. Was wondering if you have had any success infinding anything?
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    No I never did find anything. Makes no sense to me. With such a nursing shortage...why not help out those who want to improve their skills or get back into the field? I guess LVN don't count! Oh well.... Good luck to you.
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    ucsd has a refresher course and you can find one here and

    hope this helps.
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    Wow! This is a late entry, but the AMA in Long Beach offers a refresher course for LVN's. Their address is One World Trade Center, 8th Floor, Suite 811 (562) 936-0062. They should be having classes in the summer, but warn harshly about the updates to nursing. Good Luck.

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