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Hello all, is anybody applying to Los Medanos CC for fall 2011. I just sent in my application with my fingers crossed:up:... Read More

  1. by   DReinerMBA
    The number may be increased if they get the additional grant money. They were expecting to hear, I thought, in June. Also, there are several students who are re-entering from this years class. The number went down from 44 to, twenty something. Don't give up yet!
  2. by   mjs488
    We are waiting to hear at CCC as well. They feel very confident that the funding will come through, but it would be great to know so that our schools (and we) can know what's coming.
  3. by   Lyricalluna
    So I was reading back in this thread the older posts that they also ask alternates to take the TEAS and I took it twice cuz I didn't pass the first time last year at two schools...I wonder if they will remove me because of that...:-(
  4. by   DReinerMBA
    If you didn't pass those taken at other institutions, it does not matter. What matters is you pass the one you take at LMC. They will not remove you.
  5. by   Lyricalluna
    I passed it already just on my second try at the other school. So they can't hold that aginst me I hope.
  6. by   LovinLife28
    Quote from Lyricalluna
    I passed it already just on my second try at the other school. So they can't hold that aginst me I hope.
    You might want to check into it because in the Nursing handbook on Pg 10 it says "do not take the test repeatedly, only the score from the first exam regardless of where it is taken is considered for eligibility." I was trying to copy and paste it but I am computer illiterate..lol
  7. by   DReinerMBA
    You should call the nursing dept. The way they work it at LMC is if you take the TEAS and fail, you are given remediation and MUST take it again and pass. they may have changed things. Don't know as I never encountered this problem. But there are some in our class that did not pass the first time and were part of the remediation, took it again and pass. They were then offered a spot.
  8. by   kelsnursing
    hello im from detroit and im moving to antioch in dec 2012 im trying to apply for an lvn program. need helpful info on how to apply to nursing schools in ca and lmc. how can i request an application thanks
  9. by   DReinerMBA
    To apply and view the information about the LMC nursing programs you should go to the site at Los Medanos College and then go to the Nursing department links. This will give you all the info needed. Good luck!
  10. by   DReinerMBA
    All nurses apparently does not allow me to post the web address. It changed it. It is very easy to find..Los Medanos College