Los Medanos ADN Fall 2012

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    Yay!! I got accepted to LMC for Fall 2012. Anyone who is currently in the program have any comments on the program??

    I applied to various colleges around the bay area and got accepted to Merritt as well. I am also on the alternate list for Ohlone Spring 2013. I'm weighing out my pros and cons to the school that I choose. I'm a little torn because Merritt has a 100% NCLEX pass rate; however, comments about Merritt are all negative. I currently live closer to Merritt but am skeptical about their reputation.

    So, views on LMC ADN program is greatly appreciated.

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    I'd have a hard time believing that you would regret LMC. As much as I want to pull my hair out sometimes, I wouldn't choose any other ADN program. If you'd like specifics, feel free to PM me
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    LMC has one of the best reputations in the SF Bay Area. You will find it opens many doors when it is time to get a job, compared with others.
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    Thank you so much for your input.
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    I tried to pm but it won't let me. Actually, I was more excited to hear I was accepted to LMC because I haven't really heard bad comments about their program; however, since I have choices, I did want to look into both of the schools I was accepted to.I just attended orientation for Merritt and honestly, it was inspiring because they had some students who just graduated and made it through their 1st year speak with us, but to tell you the truth, I was already leaning towards LMC.I'm sure I will soon be along side of you pulling out my hair. Thanks for the input.
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    I would definitely put into consideration the facilities you would be doing clinicals at as an important factor, and how much clinical time and help you'd get both in the classroom and at the sites. Our program also does a 4th semester preceptorship that not all programs have.
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    Thnxxx for sharing :-)
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    Has anyone received their packet that contains information about background check and additional deadline requirements?
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    Sure hope they included the flyer to those accepted regarding the meet and greet on the 14th. The Scrubs Store will also be there to presale your scrubs.
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    Well, in the handbook it says we're supposed to receive a packet within two weeks upon receiving our returned conditional acceptance form. I even had my TEAS transcript sent as well. Will they ket us know they received it? If I don't get anything by next week, I guess I will have to give them a call.

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