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Los Angeles Harbor College Spring 2013 - page 4

Hey everyone! This is my second time applying to LAHC (was alternate for the Fall 2012 but didn't make it in). Who else has applied?... Read More

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    crossing my fingers for an email before the Thanksgiving holiday
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    Me too. I can't stand the wait! Last semester when I got the bad news that I made alternate only, I found out on a Friday. I wouldn't think that we would find out on Friday of this week...I doubt anyone will be on campus.
    Fingers crossed for all of us!
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    I just got off the phone with LAHC's nursing office and was told that e-mails were sent out yesterday for people who are accepted, declined or alternates. I said there's no way, a bunch of us are waiting and haven't received any notification yet. The woman who answers all calls for the nursing department is out until Monday, and I'm wondering if she will send the notifications when she's back. Grrrrr.
    Anyway, just keeping you all updated! Happy Thanksgiving!
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    OmG!!! I hope this isn't true because I didn't get anything... I hope I'm not the only one!
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    I didn't get an e-mail either!!! The wait is horrible!!
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    I'm going to be positive. I figure that if all decisions are e-mailed, good and bad, and none of us have heard then it'll happen Monday. Nothing to sweat about - except the wait!!
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    hoping for the best for all of us!
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    So I just talked to my friend who's in 2nd semester and she said we won't get our e-mails till next monday. T*** said they have to have all the people there that were involved in the first lottery to do the second lottery!
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    Oh how annoying. When I talked to her this morning she said she thought they'd be getting to it this week. So maybe next Friday we'll know for sure
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    Did anyone get into the LACC program for spring 2013?
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    Notifications haven't been sent out yet. I'm betting on tomorrow.
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    We haven't been notified yet. Probably tomorrow we'll find out.