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Hey everyone! This is my second time applying to LAHC (was alternate for the Fall 2012 but didn't make it in). Who else has applied?... Read More

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    One of my friends who took the TEAS last Friday also didn't pass. I didn't take TEAS at harbor coz I already took it and passed a couple months ago. Hopefully we all get in for Spring 2013!

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    Quote from willowita
    Zoe, I don't think alternates got spots last semester at LAHC (from what I read on this site). But it looks like they do have a shot at PCC if last semester's trend holds true. There were alternates notified like a month before school started that there was a spot for them. So you never know, you might get in at PCC.
    Thanks willowita. I hope you're right. If i may ask, what program are you in?
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    I also took the TEAS on Friday and passed! I'm so relieved but now the wait for the e-mail is making me crazy!!!!
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    The wait is killing me too Every time my phone beeps with the e-mail tune, I get a little panic/glimmer of hope. I really hope we find out today.
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    Haha LovetheER panic/glimmer of hope is the perfect way to put it.
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    I took the TEAS on Nov. 9th and passed. I'm freaking out! I too have that glimmer of hope!
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    It's funny that we're all anxious/excited for our lives to be over!! Lol
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    It's so true right?? Panic, glimmer of hope, end of our lives as we know it...all at once.
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    Good luck everyone!!! And yes it's gonna be intense but well worth it.
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    crossing my fingers for an email before the Thanksgiving holiday

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