1. i am in need of information/help asap.

    i am looking into endorsing my NY RN license to California. I know one of the requirements is the fingerprinting and they said that live scan process is the best way to go considering that I also currently reside in California.

    I looked up the CA BON website and went to the request page for the 'live scan form' and clicked the live scan and they said to wait for 2 wks to get the form. okay. did it. then got from the mail a 2 hard card for the fingerprint??! what the heck.

    so.. i looked up again the CA BON and there's a link there for the 'fill and print form for the fingerprint live scan'... and it said there that I should just fill in the parts that are marked X.

    I looked up the numbers are they the right ones? I just want to make sure im filling out the right forms. If someone can tell me if it's the right one or if someone can send me a link for it then that would be awesome.

    i appreciate the help!!
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  3. by   perioddrama
    Well, this is their website: Board of Registered Nursing - Fingerprint Requirement.

    Reading that, there's the section under Live Scan Process:

    If you are in California, you may use the Live Scan service. Open the Request for Live Scan Service form below, complete the sections of the form as indicated and print three copies. Take all three copies of the completed form to a Live Scan site, along with the processing fee. At the Live Scan site your fingerprints will be electronically scanned and transmitted immediately to DOJ for processing. After you have had your fingerprints scanned, be sure to send the second copy to the Board. Visit Applicant Live Scan Locations - California Dept. of Justice - Office of the Attorney General to locate Live Scan sites. Most local law enforcement agencies in California have Live Scan equipment. Hours of operation and fees vary, so please contact the Live Scan site directly for information.

    • Open the Request for Live Scan Service form.
      • Complete all areas marked with a Red X.
      • Print 3 copies of completed Live Scan form and take all 3 copies to the Live Scan site with your fee.
      • After your fingerprints are scanned:
        • 1st copy of form is kept by the Live Scan Operator
        • Mail 2nd copy of form must be sent to the Board
        • Retain 3rd form is for your records.

    You are correct. Fill out the Live Scan and follow the directions.
  4. by   yginay
    I got mine done at the local UPS store. Cost about 75 bucks and they scan your prints in for you.