Keck USC 2014 New Grad Applications

  1. Does anyone have info about this upcoming application process on May 5th? Any internal?

    I checked the website and this is all they have so far
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    GO to Nurses of USC | Staffing the Hospitals of the Keck Medical Center of USC

    This is the new site that has all of the information you will need.
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    here is the actual information....

    Why is Versant RN Residency Program at Keck Medical Center of USC right for you?

    One-*to-*One Preceptors
    Classroom and Skills Lab Education
    Caring and Committed Mentors
    Designed for New Graduate Nurses
    Individualized Rotation and Orientation
    Self-*care / Support Groups
    Excellent Teamwork
    Gradual Novice to Expert Transition

    Become part of a nursing community that wants to help each other succeed!
    As a RN Resident, you are hired into the facility as a full-*time employee. Upon successful completion of this paid residency, you will be prepared to work as a full-*time, independent professional RN on your unit.
    About VersantRN Residency Program

    Versant (pronounced VER-sent) is an evidence-*based, comprehensive educational and training residency designed to transition newly graduated nurses from student to safe, confident and competent professional practitioners.
    Highly supportive program that utilizes and provides:

    • Married State Preceptor Concept
      • Allows the resident to gain confidence, develop time management and prioritization skills through:
        • Working side-by-side the entire shift
        • Performing tasks together
        • Open communication/shared dialogue
        • Tackling problems/changes in real time

    • Mentor Sessions
      • Promote professional growth and development through reassurance in a supportive and confidential relationship

    • Debriefing Sessions
      • A confidential discussion that provides support to the resident with coping mechanisms, self-care techniques, dealing with work-related challenges (e.g. conflict resolution, communication with physicians, stress, etc.).

    Appropriately paced learning experience:

    • The Versant RN Residency is the start of a Journey from Knowledge to Knowing, moving towards competent performance at the bedside, “One Nurse at a Time™”.
    • 18 – 20 week program
    • Week 1 – 6:
      • Two 8-hour days in a classroom setting
      • Two 12-hour days in a clinical setting with your preceptor

    • Week 7 – 18:
      • Classroom days reduce or begin focusing on specialty content
      • Clinical days increase

    • Utilizing Dr. Patricia Benner’s “Novice to Expert” Model, you will be paired with different-level nurse preceptors over the course of the residency to allow a natural progression of knowledge and comfort.

    Requirements to qualify for the New Graduate Nurses Program:

    • Less than one year of acute care hospital-based experience as a licensed RN prior to start
    • A 3.0 nursing GPA or above
    • A 2-year commitment
    • A degree in nursing – Bachelor’s degree is preferred or commitment to obtain within five years.
    • A current Basic Life Support (BLS) certification for healthcare provider from the American Heart Association
    • A Fire and Safety card must be presented upon hire or must be obtained at our facility within the first 30 days of hire, and maintained by renewing before the expiration date.

    How to Apply:

    For the Inpatient Versant RN New Grad Residency Program, click here then click “Apply for this posting.”
    For the OR Training Program (available to new graduate and experienced nurses), click here then click “Apply for this posting.”
    A complete application will include:

    1. An online application
    2. A resume
    3. A personal statement
      • Upload cover letter attachment
      • The personal statement should bring out your personality. Tell us what being a nurse means to you, and what you will bring to the profession and to USC. Please also indicate your unit(s) of interest. You may select up to two units. The personal statement should not exceed two pages.

    4. Unofficial transcripts (upload as other document)
    5. Two (2) letters of recommendation on school letterhead (Experienced nurses should obtain letters of recommendation from work colleague(s) and/or manager(s).)
      • Upload as letters of reference
      • Must be from your clinical instructors at your school of instruction from which you received your nursing degree.

      • The letters may be submitted directly from the clinical instructor or uploaded online by one (1) of the following methods:

      1. In a sealed envelope to Human Resources Department, c/o ----------------, 2011 N. Soto St., Suite 102, Los Angeles, CA 90032
      2. Emailed to -------------
      3. Faxed to Human Resources, attention ------------------
      4. Uploaded with your online application. You may submit additional letters if you choose, however, additional letters are not required.

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    So who has applied and to where?? I applied to pulmonary MICU and SICU. I guess now we wait...
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