Keck Hospital of USC RN Versant Program April 2018 - page 6

Hey! I just want to make sure I'm reading the requirements correctly. In order to apply, you'll need these documents: 1. Resume 2. Cover Letter 3. Personal Statement 4. Unofficial... Read More

  1. by   CAStudent213
    Congrats on the interview @YomiAmour Has anyone else heard from other units?
  2. by   YomiAmour
    @CaStudent213 Thank you! The floor I interviewed for was 4S Cardio-Thoracic ICU for anyone who was wondering. They said they'd let me know by mid next week if I was offered a position.
  3. by   YomiAmour
    Hey guys, I received the personality assessment today. They said they'd be finalizing the cohorts by the middle of the week so I should be hearing from them then if I get the job *fingers crossed* lol
  4. by   LA_Student
    How was your interview for 4S CVTICU?